Sunday, 28 November 2010

It is difficult to pick up where you left off, or to write an emailed reply, when there has been a gap of time or life has moved and changes considerably. I'm been content not to be on here (and regrettably neglecting emails) and so much has happened.
Little special days - one month of marriage, one year since our courtship (november 12th), two years since our meeting (november 21st), two months of marriage. We bought a table, hung pictures, bought a Christmas tree (and put it up).
We had our first married Thanksgiving with my parents, and last night had our first Thanksgiving in our own home. Denis, Zhanara, Marat, Yelena, and baby Bogdan came over for their first Thanksgiving ever. I had a lovely time making everything! (Though two little chickens substituted the turkey, since one wouldn't fit in our tiny, pretty oven) We've had guests before but it was amazing to see our table almost full, and to feel our house homey and warm. And one told me, "I like your house, I feel comfortable here." That is what we want, and what its goal is. Warm, comfortable, inviting, something that says home (and is also very colorful). And lots of talking (which also happened).
I love grocery shopping. And cooking, baking, making ice cream, curtains, keeping the cat happy. We got fish (tentatively named Miss Scarlet and Mrs. Peacock) and they need protecting.
These pictures are from our first morning in our apartment, after coming home from Russia. Boxes for tables and boxes everywhere :) It was very happy. And then reading cards a few days later, after going to my family's house (with it not being my home) for the first time to open gifts.

Have a lovely day; I'm going to get to the Thanksgiving dishes. See you sooner again!