Thursday, 19 June 2008

Yellow Skies

Some new art.

My first attempt at canvas painting...somewhat can't see the textures too well but that's the best part.

I'm excited now, having found an alternative to hair dye - I'm now using black henna and natural dyes, which costs me roughly 5 dhs. a month instead of 25 or higher for normal salon boxed dyes. The downside is, though natural it can be rough on the skin.

We leave tomorrow for the states for a little over three weeks. I may update a little bit but there won't be much of relevance. Have a lovely month everyone =)

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

'pink, and all of those other things you like.'

Cinderella - the ultimate fairy tale in my opinion. But then, that opinion changes quite often concerning fairytales. When they are all so delightful you can't have a favourite!
The Wizard of Oz is pure amazingness, as you can tell by Dahlia's middle name. When I was little none of my friends were allowed to see it, but I didn't have nightmares so I could!

I've always loved Alice in Wonderland, but I'm growing very impatient for Tim Burton's live action film of it - more than a year to wait!

This afternoon will consist mostly of this. Yay!

Thursday, 12 June 2008

Marmee Craft - - Victorian Homey-ness

Have any of you seen the lovely Marmee Craft blog or store? She makes adorable handsewn beauties, elegant art prints, and all sorts of similar things. All are made with a loving victorian or old fashioned air.

Definitely something I've grown up loving - anything old or with the appearrance of, pretty, quaint, old fashioned - I think it changes your attitude as well.
Look up her store and very sweet blog if you can!


Happenings in Ribbon

I've moved the sewing machine to my room for the summer, so it's sitting on my desk in constant use. Mostly I have been working on Blythe cases, but also making a few skirts for myself.
I went to Oman for two days this week which was lovely. We went out to eat this evening with a friend and now I'm taking a break from art busy-ness and listening to Casimir Pulaski Day, my new favourite song. I never knew Sufjan Stevens was so nice! What do you like to do for a break? I usually listen to music, do pilates, or play with Sunny, the cat. Ironically, during the school year art is my outlet.

Sunday, 1 June 2008


I'm eating leftover birthday cake (little sister's 7th) and coffee ice cream right now. Just thought you all should know that ;)

Also I'm currently listening to Eisley interviews and sorting photos for the summer.
Eisley is my favourite band, and very eccentric, unusual, and beautiful. Anyone heard of them?
It's interesting to think about all the struggles non-mainstream bands go through these days. What with illegal downloading and iTunes, bands make very little money except by touring, which is expensive in itself. Our family has a strict pay-for-your-music policy. What is your opinion on this?