Friday, 29 August 2008

Dahlia on Holiday

Well, finally a few photos from the trip! These are those of Dahlia.

Mini Europe -

Dahlia where we were a few days before, at the biannual flower carpet in Brussels...but the mini version!

the tiny White Hills of Dover

Just for fun...

The 'Disney' castle! I was so happy.

Little sister Candace with Dahlia Oz and one of the 'monkey babies' I bought in Germany.

the official 'Dahlia in Germany photo,' however lame...

I've always loved Nutcrackers.
One last one (mini europe again) - the ferris wheel! So fun and colourful.

So we had a lovely time, even if these are only the Blythe pictures. How have your summers been?

Tuesday, 5 August 2008

A Jumble

In one of my birthday gifts there were these little kawaii packets of candy. On the top they say "Here's happy news. Learning develops your intelligence and learning makes you more sensitive." That's good to know ;)

Aaaand, I sent Sherri Dupree, singer for my favourite band (Eisley), as well as my favourite artist, some Blythe clothes because she collects them and her photography introduced me to them. Anyway, I just got a really sweet email from her, as well as a photo of her, with her dolls in the background, wearing my clothes. Yay!

And my own doll is finally finished. I'll do some proper photos of her when I get back, but for now here's a teaser. I'm very happy with her. Now she needs a name!

Now, to finish packing. We leave to Germany in a few hours.

Friday, 1 August 2008


It's my birthday! Today I am seventeen =)
I get to have a kilt made (a huge thing as a piper!) and money toward rapidograph drawing pens by Koh-i-noor. They would drastically affect my drawing for the better!

A peek at what I'm working on...

And just painted on my bag -

Do you have circus memories from when you were little?

Now I've got a whole lot of coursework to do (two weeks worth!) before Monday so I'd better scoot!
love, Cait