Saturday, 28 November 2009

Seeing Family

Recently I scanned these weathered photos so I could get copies printed for myself. They are old prints and antique plates; photographs of generations on my father's side. The majority (and these three) are likely of Rose Theresa Muldoon, who emigrated from Ireland a century ago. She is the great grandmother whose cross I was given. It's so precious to have pictures like these - I'd like to know exactly who everyone is. Look at that bird on her hat! And the beautiful finger-waves in the above photo. The man could be my grandfather, Joseph, but could be her husband, Ira. They look exactly alike! He's quite young there though.

Are there old photos or other treasures you cherish?


Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Cheery Bunting

This was made exactly how it looks - triangles of fabric, sewed along the edges, and then lined up on a folded strip of lace or bias tape. And hung wherever it pleases you ;) Super easy and colorful. I love mixing patterns and colors like this; don't you? It's very homey.

So, I stinkin love my life; just so you know. God is gloriously kind. There's nothing to complain about with the joy, purpose, and contentment given at home, and He keeps heaping blessing upon blessing on top of that. So thankful.
Tell me what is blessing you today.


Thursday, 19 November 2009

Pretty Pumpkin

These are some of the cutest autumn decorations or projects I've ever seen - especially since we can't really get pumpkins in Dubai. Danielle Thompson has made a tutorial for fabric pumpkins, and they look incredibly easy (my favorite are the velvet ones she's made in the past).
One thing was crossed off the little November list last week - the fall bunting was a quick and fun experiment, though now it's simply above my desk as we aren't having any gatherings at which to hang it. Pictures soon ;)

How has your autumn been so far? Mine has been marvelous. God is so good =)


Sunday, 15 November 2009

summer, Brooke, and geisha

Forgive my absence around here ladies; it's been busy (in the best of ways) and I haven't had much time for making things. Here are a few more old pages from the scrap journal.

love, Cait

Thursday, 12 November 2009


Here are the things I finished from October's list. My excuse at the small number is traveling, but of course more than these actually got done ;)

1. Make headbands for fair
2. Finish new set of herb girl paintings for fair
6. Memorize Isaiah 58:10-12
9. Try making Tartelette chocolate tarts or pear cakes, or something from my French cookbook.
10. Have some special time with one of my well group girls
13. Finish 'note-stitches' for fair.

And November's goals.

1. Paint ideas that have been floating.
2. Prepare majority of Christmas gifts.
3. Bake and cook for Thanksgiving
4. Plan Christmas tea
5. Send Christmas packages
6. Read the pile of articles in my room
7. Paint my hallway turquoise.
8. Work on quilts
9. Make autumn fabric bunting
10. Practice pipes. a lot.
11. Design, make and give out tea invitations
12. Get hair trimmed (in desperate need)
13. Have individual time with one of the well group girls

What are some of your priorities?

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

glasses and their houses

These pictures have been inspiring me so much lately. Not that I have a kitchen to decorate or anything, but I love open shelving. I know the second one is from a store, but still! Can you get any more prettily cluttered? I'm no pack-rat but I love artful clutter. The last one is more simplistic and streamlined but still cute.

Here are some of the last things made in November. Another headband and my first try at a necklace, again prompted by some etsy or anthropologie examples.

Is anything influencing your creativity or plans lately?
For me, it's also this.


Sunday, 8 November 2009

of fairs and frames

The Expat Woman fair yesterday made for a very long day. It went rather poorly; I had an out-of-the-way table and was unable to set up the way I wanted to. Though there were crowds of people, there was little interest. Quite a few women took a card and said they wanted to call about some custom things (but in the past I've never received follow-up on those!). I'm thinking about the two other November fairs, though I'd decided against them before. We'll see!

The current herb ladies - Rosemary, Ginger, Sage, and Coriander.
You'll be introduced to Ginger and Rosemary shortly :)

I used this antique painted frame (found at a thrift store for 1dhs!) to display the headbands. They are quite top-heavy so were constantly knocked over, but it looked nice. Only one sold but they were priced very reasonably (the same or less than mass produced ones from Accessorize) so I was a little surprised. More for gifts now =)

How was your weekend?



Friday, 6 November 2009


I arrived home to a lovely parcel and letters from Katie. She knows me so well :)
The flight to Texas was uneventful and traveling with our family friends was a joy. I was thoroughly amused by the children, especially when Faith told a stewardess that she was from Italy (I couldn't stop laughing, even to tell her to stop giving Faith chocolate). Having time before the flight home, I'll have you know that I walked through two terminals to find a Starbucks and get a peppermint mocha. We don't get the holiday drinks in Dubai! Thanks to lovely Mrs. Marques I had a pumpkin spice latte a few days earlier, on a long afternoon outing to the cafe :)

The week was so full in every way. In fact it was very laid back, but it was full of people and talking and new friendships. There were also surprises, and I got to spend some precious time with a dear friend I hadn't met it person yet. That was such an unexpected blessing (Like all of this)! At church some very old friends were also there and it was the most extreme kind of crazy happening that is only providence.
I was encouraged to see that there is no 'formula' for what young ladies at home do or should do, but there are still things I learned from them. Simply being with other girls was the most meaningful thing, having never had that total sense of complete fellowship.

What stood out to me at church was that very little did stand out. It was exceptional, rare, family integrated, but though I hadn't had the chance to see it before it felt so right that it wasn't unusual. The differences were not so radical, not so strange or difficult to see; it was simply Scriptural. Why does a literal understanding seem so hard to accept or apply? Even we are blinded.
I'm so thankful for this trip. Its encouragement, new fast friends, new challenges for myself.

It's lovely to be home though, and tomorrow is the fair!

with love,

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

with a real report to follow when sleep is found.

Lots of conversation, holding babies, and making food.

Fresh Sri Lankan curry cooking and family hospitality.

French press and Pumpkin Spice, with a lovely fall afternoon of friendship.

Vivaldi demonstrations and sweet Elena playing the weathered piano.

I am thankful.