Tuesday, 24 August 2010

We are back in Enumclaw after a big-family weekend in Seabrook, and seeing an old friend in Sequim on the way home. More about the lovely Pacific Beach soon, but here are two more Michigan snippets - Aubrey's amazing cat, the fat and friendly Fezzik - and my kindred spirit Sara, with bubbly, cheery Raya. The two had never met before but after a sweet shower that Sara had for me, we got to spend some time with Raya, the first female (Christian!) piper to join Cabar Feidh after I did :) We hadn't seen each other since I moved four years ago, so it was good to catch up.
I could never say enough about the blessing that dear friends have been in these past few weeks, especially in their celebrating with Joel and I (even though they haven't met him yet). It's been overwhelming!

Love, Cait

P.S. the counters are safely replaced, but here is more of the sharpie spree:
(I'm making it sound like a big deal but really it was just something silly to keep all the cousins excitedly occupied during one of our big barbeques at Grandma's)

P.P.S. I finally bought this song on iTunes :)
P.P.P.S. Five weeks gone and one more until I see Joel again!

Thursday, 19 August 2010

these are some goings-on

Local lavender has been dried for shower-favor sachets. It smelled beautiful through the window.

My fantastic cousin Hannah. I wish you could all meet her, really.

Said amazing cousin suggested that we color our grandparents' counter with sharpies since they were getting it torn out (it's now a gorgeous granite). They agreed and the little cousins enthusiastically obliged!


We just returned from a full, too-busy time in Michigan. It was lovely to see old friends again, and I was so blessed by them. It was simply a little too hectic. I will write more about the lovely parts soon :)

How is your August so far? It feels like it's flying by in some ways and dragging on in others!

love, Cait

Thursday, 12 August 2010

a traditional stack

finally - this big stack of state-side invitations addressed, filled, stamped, sealed, and ready to mail. And I even have a couple blisters to show for the sealing :) It was a fun job and I was amazed at how fast everything went, especially writing all the addresses and return addresses out. I love the seal; we used it on top of the wrapped baker's twine for the invitations to be handed out, and on the back of the mailed envelopes. It was a natural black resin I found on ebay, and we used a beautiful tree seal that belonged to my great-grandmother. The resin didn't have a wick running through it, so I had to use a flame lighter to melt and drip it.

I would have more pictures of finishing them up but Kyleigh took them while I was singing along to an opera song, so they aren't too attractive ;)


Saturday, 7 August 2010


Last week I went on the longest hike I've ever been on, with Joel's adorable sister, sweet mom, and younger brother and brother's girlfriend Heather. It was near Mount Rainier, and we encountered a lot of wet and slippery snow-covered paths! We saw plenteous birds, gophers (up close! I wanted to cuddle them), elk, deer, and even a mother bear with her cubs, from a distance!

It was fantastic, and I couldn't believe how close to the mountain we were, but made me miss Joel really bad.


twenty-four and forty-nine

It has been a very bittersweet trip, these last two weeks. It was bittersweet, already, because I was going to be away from Joel for over a week. But now that week is turning into six. Stand-by flights failed us and we are across the world from each other for over a month, longer than it will be from when I get back until our wedding day (that is the good part).
That was very, very hard to realize, having not bargained for that long away. It's helped me know how blessed we are to live in the same city, unlike some courting or betrothed couples. God has very wise purposes we don't know in this, and it is a unique reminder that Christ is my true bridegroom, and that seeking Him first is important even when Joel and I are together. Joel reminds me that if we knew all that God knew right now, we would choose the same things. Painful to think about but true!

Those numbers up there are how many days until I'm home again, and the number of days until September 25th :)

And after a weekend of attempts, all this was found out on my birthday. That was so sad! We still had a very sweet evening at dinner with Joel's family, who are so kind and lovely to me. But it was difficult to think that I was supposed to be meeting all his relatives with him, and then when all my family came on Wednesday, he was supposed to be getting to know them all for the first time. Also, I've never gotten to see him on my birthday! What is neat is that when all of this does happen someday, it will be as husband and wife, for real.