Thursday, 27 March 2008

used no ink!

she's all paint, which I'm proud of even though I'm not quite happy with the outcome.

Wednesday, 26 March 2008

new and finished things.

upper section of my latest drawing. I've also finished the photography-drawing project but won't post it here yet as it also belongs to can't see all the colours in this one; oh well - playing around again.
Here she is! the long awaited kitten...yet unnamed.
isn't she precious?

mom&dad gave me this cup, which I think is wicked and have wanted for some time.
knowing I like owls, Ashley gave me this. it's a pencil sharpener apparently.

...which looks cool by Dahlia.
kitten approves of Dahlia.

I'm thinking of making my own eyechips for Dahlia's customisation - I'd like hazel, so do you all think I should get brown chips and back them with green paper or vice versa?

Tuesday, 18 March 2008

new art stuff and soon to be new kitten!

I've been begging my dad for months about getting a cat. Having a dog just does not do it for me - I can't stand them! Finally I've gotten permission and by this time next week should have a kitten, once I get to visit the foster homes! Yay!

Dad took me out for coffee earlier in the week and then we ran errands...he ended up buying me a portfolio that was on sale, good paper, and new Gouache paints! I also got a Disney princess notebook. Me + Disney = Love.

Soooo I'm trying to kitten-proof my very un-kitten-proof room, try out my new paints, and catch up and get ahead in school all at the same time. Makes for a busy schedule! Add Blythe and it's even more so. I put up a new dress on my etsy.

Any ideas for cat names? Here's a list I've come up with...I know it's long!

Dina (from Alice in Wonderland, my favourite movie)
Annabelle Lee (re - the poem)
Baudelaire (m/f)
Cheshire (m/f)
Clementine (m/f)
Gypsy (m/f)
Marzipan (m/f)
Maybe (m/f)
Merricat (m/f)
Blaise (m)
Ocean (m/f)
Mr. Ocean (m. obviously. I'm a big Ocean's 11 fan)
Klaus (m)
Plum (m/f)
Tangerine (m/f)
Zephyr (m/f)

Any others?

I'm still VERY new and bad with paints (definitely prefer drawing) but this is what I did this afternoon.

A friend, Krystal, and I are collaborating - her photography + my drawing. Check out her stuff, it's pretty, meaningful, and eclectic. (myspace) (deviantart) She is photographing what my drawings make her think of, and I will be drawing on top of or based on her photography.

love, cait.

Friday, 14 March 2008

Blythe helps me with Dutch

I'm currently learning Dutch, and this past week wanted to cement some more things into my I did this!

I just put pieces of paper with parts of the body in Dutch on Dahlia. The lady who helps tutor me (I also use books, call a Dutch friend, and use Rosetta Stone computer program) thought it was cute and wanted to show her daughters.


Do any of you speak or learn other languages? I know some of you do! My parents are fluent in Arabic and I can understand a lot of it but have lost my ability to speak it...I could when I was 6! I absolutely love the way Dutch sounds, and most related languages. It's fun to mix them as well; a South African friend and I like to compare Afrikaans and Dutch. I'm still in the beginner stages but beginning to put sentences together...who would have thought I'd use Dahlia to help!

Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Dahlia Oz Vanderbilt

I decided to make a separate page from my personal blog for Blythe things, because they don't mesh exceptionally well. So, here is in company with sparkles. =)

At the moment my only girl is Dahlia Oz, an MM. She was bought over Christmas with money from my lovely grandparents.

At the moment the only clothes she owns that are NOT handmade are a pair of awesome big boots! And a skirt she never wears, because she has no shirts yet. Uh oh.

Modelling a dress for etsy.
Being scary.
In the desert. =)
Starbucks! Probably her most visited location.

Right now I would really like an Ichigo Heaven. My other favourites would be GR, RCC, Tailor Gibson, maybe HH.
And I'd like to do a really vintage custom someday, like a Marilyn Monroe or a Dita von Teese look....and a dark haired, violet eyed girl. Perhaps a merBlythe named Nautilae? And WITHOUT silly looking fins. More like a naiad than a mermaid...Hmm.
Someday! ;)

For now Dahlia and my petite will have to keep me company.

Cait & Dahlia

whatisacait - my Etsy!

An announcement - my Etsy store is finally officially open! There isn't much on it yet but I'm still excited to finally have it. I have some new fabric and am having fun with that. Also, someone here in Dubai contacted me about a UAE craft souq and I may be able to do something with that; and - get this - art prints too. I don't think people would buy enough for it to be worth it to be part of the bazaar yet though, so we'll see.

whatisacait on Etsy

Dahlia Oz and a shoe that isn't mine.

I really love this store. AcademyBeldam makes much better Blythe clothes than I do (and has a better camera =P)
And the cupcake hats on the Sweet Honey Complex. They're so cute!