Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Dahlia Oz Vanderbilt

I decided to make a separate page from my personal blog for Blythe things, because they don't mesh exceptionally well. So, here is in company with sparkles. =)

At the moment my only girl is Dahlia Oz, an MM. She was bought over Christmas with money from my lovely grandparents.

At the moment the only clothes she owns that are NOT handmade are a pair of awesome big boots! And a skirt she never wears, because she has no shirts yet. Uh oh.

Modelling a dress for etsy.
Being scary.
In the desert. =)
Starbucks! Probably her most visited location.

Right now I would really like an Ichigo Heaven. My other favourites would be GR, RCC, Tailor Gibson, maybe HH.
And I'd like to do a really vintage custom someday, like a Marilyn Monroe or a Dita von Teese look....and a dark haired, violet eyed girl. Perhaps a merBlythe named Nautilae? And WITHOUT silly looking fins. More like a naiad than a mermaid...Hmm.
Someday! ;)

For now Dahlia and my petite will have to keep me company.

Cait & Dahlia

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Tizzalicious said...

Hmm Star Bucks and Blythe in one entry, I loooove it!

Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog! I'm going to ad you to my feed reader! :)