Tuesday, 11 March 2008

whatisacait - my Etsy!

An announcement - my Etsy store is finally officially open! There isn't much on it yet but I'm still excited to finally have it. I have some new fabric and am having fun with that. Also, someone here in Dubai contacted me about a UAE craft souq and I may be able to do something with that; and - get this - art prints too. I don't think people would buy enough for it to be worth it to be part of the bazaar yet though, so we'll see.

whatisacait on Etsy

Dahlia Oz and a shoe that isn't mine.

I really love this store. AcademyBeldam makes much better Blythe clothes than I do (and has a better camera =P)
And the cupcake hats on the Sweet Honey Complex. They're so cute!

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