Tuesday, 18 March 2008

new art stuff and soon to be new kitten!

I've been begging my dad for months about getting a cat. Having a dog just does not do it for me - I can't stand them! Finally I've gotten permission and by this time next week should have a kitten, once I get to visit the foster homes! Yay!

Dad took me out for coffee earlier in the week and then we ran errands...he ended up buying me a portfolio that was on sale, good paper, and new Gouache paints! I also got a Disney princess notebook. Me + Disney = Love.

Soooo I'm trying to kitten-proof my very un-kitten-proof room, try out my new paints, and catch up and get ahead in school all at the same time. Makes for a busy schedule! Add Blythe and it's even more so. I put up a new dress on my etsy.

Any ideas for cat names? Here's a list I've come up with...I know it's long!

Dina (from Alice in Wonderland, my favourite movie)
Annabelle Lee (re - the poem)
Baudelaire (m/f)
Cheshire (m/f)
Clementine (m/f)
Gypsy (m/f)
Marzipan (m/f)
Maybe (m/f)
Merricat (m/f)
Blaise (m)
Ocean (m/f)
Mr. Ocean (m. obviously. I'm a big Ocean's 11 fan)
Klaus (m)
Plum (m/f)
Tangerine (m/f)
Zephyr (m/f)

Any others?

I'm still VERY new and bad with paints (definitely prefer drawing) but this is what I did this afternoon.

A friend, Krystal, and I are collaborating - her photography + my drawing. Check out her stuff, it's pretty, meaningful, and eclectic. (myspace) (deviantart) She is photographing what my drawings make her think of, and I will be drawing on top of or based on her photography.

love, cait.


Tizzalicious said...

I like Amélie! :)

Cait said...

It's such a pretty name! I saw the movie for the first time this week.
Now it all depends on the kitten herself =)

willynillywaterlily said...

Your paintings are very sweet! I hope you post pictures of your new kitten!

Anna said...

I say Cheshire, Coraline, Gypsy, Violet, or Zephyr. Yup.
Although I do like Baudelaire.
Have you read the last Lemony Snicket book yet?

Cait said...

Anna - Yes, I have The End. Love it. Also the unauthorized biography is cool.

Thanks all of you =)

Tizzalicious said...
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Kiwibob said...

Twinkie is also a cool cat name