Wednesday, 24 February 2010

'and the flowers would have very extra special powers'

Tim Burton's revised Alice is coming out next week, and I've been looking forward to it for a long time. Though I don't know when I'll actually see it, the wonderland looks beautifully interesting, even if a bit mad. The books, Disney film, old Tenniel prints, and other Louis Carroll pieces have long been favorites. Ever read The Hunting of the Snark? Creepily classic!
(Our ballet school did Alice in Wonderland years ago, and the Cheshire Cat costume was quite an impressive work of art.)
This screencap is lovely. The singing pansies and operatic roses were one of my favorite parts of the Disney movie, especially the queenly white rose whom you always wanted more than a glimpse of. It frustrated me each time when they threw Alice out in the end!

Sunday, 21 February 2010


I looked at old sketches and drawings today, wishing my good pens weren't clogged (that's no excuse not to draw though.). One was a collaboration with my friend Krystal (who is probably now living in a trailer under a waterfall and photographing street hippies), which I still really love because somehow pictures of anatomic hearts are intriguing. The last drawing used copious amounts of the special spidery-tipped ink pens.

Ink lately has been more used for writing letters, or journaling, or studying.
I like it better that way, even if it's unartistic.
(The pens dried up because of lack of use, after all.)

I never want creativity to dry up, but life happens (and life is more important).
I like it.
It just has to be woven together better.
And I'll draw today, I promise.

love, cait

Thursday, 18 February 2010

pretty paper

A new-ish scrapbook page, of a favorite picture from my autumn trip to Texas.
It's my lovely friend Elena playing her beautiful family piano.
I think this is my current favorite page ever.

in front of me there is:

surprise flowers

an empty coffee cup

an envelope

and Dahlia Oz Vanderbilt the Blythe.
her plastic face charms me from across the room.
(she needs new portraits, that spoiled doll)


Thursday, 11 February 2010

beauty of a place

It's a lovely thing to love your room. Or your house, or your kitchen. Right now I have a room, and it is my favorite place, and what I could have called years ago a dream room (even though it's not pink and fairy-themed). I love the cranberry wall and Grandpa's olive dresser, and the chair that I can't sit comfortably in, and the art shelves and story-filled pointe shoes. It's scattered with gifts and old books, oddities and quirky color combinations. There are cards with wise words to memorize. In the afternoon the room is flooded with colored light coming through the curtains. (Isn't afternoon sun delicious?) I light all my candles and it smells heavenly (like Tyler Candle Company to be exact). I like the frame wall and the painting by Katie and the twine with pretty things clothespin-ed to it.

Blythe eyes, German monkey dolls; cat.

Bagpipes in a corner gathering dust. Cat hair everywhere. (Especially on the pretty chair that's made for taller people)

Peacock feathers, wax drippings, a painted marionette that lies with no place to display.

But a room is not a home, and if you have a home it needs to bless everybody, not just yourself. The most beautiful homes I've been to are the ones that are aesthetically lovely and personal, and also welcoming, warm, song-filled, pouring love and time and good food and purpose.

I don't have tea parties in it but a room is good practice.

Monday, 8 February 2010

pardon the messy desk, ladies

Anna Sofia and Elizabeth Botkin have just written another fantastic article on Visionary Daughters. This one is about daughters in difficult situations and how truth still can apply to them - and challenging reminders to daughters in more 'ideal' circumstances as well. A similar subject I'd recommend is their answer to the common 'but what if?' question about the decisions of young ladies. (And of course, the article on Twilight. Read, by all means - some controversial wisdom!)

A controversial statement of my own - I've seen a lot of people joining into GalaDarling's "self love month challenge," and find it disconcerting. Perhaps it embraces flaws, but it denies our brokenness. We are certainly not goddesses and are made to be dependent, on our Creator and in a community, and this project will do no healing, nor bring truth, however much it temporarily builds self esteem. I know some of you love Gala, and I'm not pointing at you (or condemning her) but everything she stands for is the opposite of what I live for, and it's all over the 'blogosphere' right now - which I couldn't really ignore. Please do take that thought with understanding.


p.s. See that pretty/bizarre hand mannequin? I've wanted one of those for ages, and saw them at Borders a year ago but never bought one. Finally they had them again when I walked by last week, and I thought it was worth it after more than a year. Maybe someday I'll find a real antique one too ;)

Friday, 5 February 2010

tangerine pinwheels

You can tell I'm a little bit addicted to headband making. Once a new one is thought of and completed, it's a difficulty to not let myself wear it every day until I'm sick of it (or other people are). This delicious fabric was salvaged from a fancy thrift-store pillowcase, put together with gift fabric from Katie and velvet ribbon (my favorite).
I could see headbands being a pretty lifesaver for busy mothers, because they quickly (key here) add so much to hair or outfit and don't get in the way or get dirty.

It's been another lovely week in the Fox household (and I discovered that homemade espresso with whipped cream is dangerously yummy) and undeserved blessings abound. God is kind =)

with love;

Thursday, 4 February 2010

always idea gathering.

We haven't done this for awhile! My collection of homey pictures isn't getting any smaller and it' s about time to share more. I love these new, warm, comfortable, colorful ones (or at least parts of each).

(that room makes laundry look fun!)

(mmm...antique velvet couch + crocheted afghans...)

credits: sera of london - tumblr - sherri dupree bemis - canova misia