Thursday, 18 February 2010

pretty paper

A new-ish scrapbook page, of a favorite picture from my autumn trip to Texas.
It's my lovely friend Elena playing her beautiful family piano.
I think this is my current favorite page ever.

in front of me there is:

surprise flowers

an empty coffee cup

an envelope

and Dahlia Oz Vanderbilt the Blythe.
her plastic face charms me from across the room.
(she needs new portraits, that spoiled doll)



Anonymous said...

Surprise flowers from...? :) Just teasing you. My daddy made a lovely brunch after church for us on Valentines day. He's so sweet.
I promise I'll write soon! Love you!


Autumn said...

I love it.

LeAnna said...

Surprise flowers are the best. ;) And I love that picture, and the page you did turned out beautiful. Hope you've had a fantastic week!

erin meagan said...

i wish i were good at scrapbook making.

Anonymous said...

ohh that is a GORGEOUS page!!

and such a beautiful photograph!!!

XO, Em

Shokoofeh said...

Yes a lovely page indeed! :-)