Monday, 26 October 2009

With A Pleasing Theme

As you read this (scheduled post ;) I am on a plane to Houston, Texas. I am traveling with a beloved family, and the occasion for the trip is this conference on family integrated churches. My motivation for the trip, however, and primary excitement, is meeting other girls who have made the purposeful decision to stay home after graduation. This was a relatively sudden plan, and I was incredulous when I realized I was actually going. It is such an unexpected, amazing blessing. He is able to do far more abundantly than we ask or think! (Eph. 3:20) This has been seen in the traveling, new friendships, who I will stay with, and even more events in the past few weeks. I am stunned!

My heart overflows with a pleasing theme
I address my verses to the King.
Psalm 45:1

There is a pile of headbands made for the craft show, and several herb girls completed (Rosemary and Ginger). Everything else will be leftovers from the last fair, or last minute frenzies of preparation when I get home. After some thought, I think I have a cute way to display the headbands even though I sadly don't own a mannequin of any sort! You know what I was tempted to pack? My stapler! Of all things - but I am wanting to art journal again. And after all, office supplies are suddenly chic. I don't know where that came from, but ever since summer, masking tape and staples are going alongside lace and roses in my inspiration!


Sunday, 25 October 2009

Lovely Package : On the recieving end

You can only imagine my delight upon seeing this pretty bundle under my dad's arm, knowing it could only be the 'lovely package' from Christine. Long-awaited and resent from Germany, this was the culmination of the package exchange as Christine received mine a few weeks ago. Everything in pink and orange, the colours and wrapping were of course beautiful, and everything was styled with Christine's clear, natural photography. The box opened to an accordion-style card with tiny polaroids.

There was a fun mix CD with a gorgeous cover, antique stationary, a handmade notebook, and decorated mini moleskins. A parcel of autumn flower pictures offered to substitute for fall in the desert.

French biscuits, homemade organic German cookies, boxes of matches decorated with vibrant pictures (because she knows I burn a lot of candles), all tightly packed together, and pungent incense fragranced the entire box. A necklace found in her term in the Canary Islands completed an international selection.

To crown it all, a block of four mounted flower portraits stood solidly in the bottom. Chris had made wall hangings of her photos, and they are stunning.
Everything was tastefully chosen and arranged, handmade, or designed. It was a cheerful theme and such a fun gift to open; like a little Christmas! This was a perfect artistic endeavor and seems to have been a blessing to both of us. If you have the chance to do a package exchange (particularly with other art bloggers), seize the chance!



P.S. Sunny enjoyed the paper.

Thursday, 22 October 2009

Neither Degree nor Diamond

Lately when people ask 'what I'm doing here' (kindly, of course, if not a bit confused), they've given some interesting responses. Maybe the ideas are logical, but I found them funny.

Firstly, when I explained my vision of staying home, and desire to purposefully prepare for womanhood, wifehood, and motherhood, at least three people in the past few weeks have exclaimed, "Oh, so you're engaged then?"
And upon hearing the negative, say, 'Well, I could understand these ideas if you had a boyfriend or something, but really, how can you know that you'll get married?'

Scenario number two:
Many friends ask why I don't go get a degree if I want to homeschool my own children. Even girls who semi-agree with me say, 'What if someday it's illegal in America to homeschool without having a teaching degree?'

These are valid ideas or arguments, but they don't really mesh with my primary convictions on staying home or not pursuing a degree.
While I don't think there is anything wrong with further formal education (though I would do this from home), I do have a problem with getting a teaching certificate 'just in case' so I can teach my future children.

You see - a government with a law like that is not one I am willing to submit to. It is statist and unconstitutional. I would go against it despite the cost - or move. In addition, I know a teaching degree statistically does not improve homeschooling. However, the bottom line in this issue is that it is a tangible way for me to trust the sovereignty of God. I know that He is able to protect and guide, and His laws are higher than man-made ones - even ones which would seek to prevent parents from their God-ordained role of discipling their kids.

Likewise the boyfriend issue. While I'm not planning a wedding, I do know that God will use this time of preparation, and that even now I have been so blessed in learning at home. In His timing and sovereignty He may bring a husband - which is normative - but even if not, He is faithful and I don't have to go the world's route.

This is a bit longer and heavier than my usual crafty posts. But I hope it helps you understand where I'm coming from...or even made you laugh at the ideas I thought were funny in their own way.

In other news, I made this Mud Cake Magnifique invented in honor of NieNie by Conversations with a Cupcake. It turned out as planned and looked just like the pictures. I was thrilled - and even more happy that our guests enjoyed it.


Sunday, 18 October 2009


The conference this weekend with D.A. Carson was wonderful. I appreciated his constant reference to hymns and poetry, particularly this poem by E.B. Browning. Jesus was forsaken on the cross so no other would ever be forsaken - his cry was echoless.

Yea, once, Immanuel’s orphaned cry his universe hath shaken--

It went up single, echoless, “My God, I am forsaken!”

It went up from the Holy’s lips amid his lost creation,

That, of the lost, no son should use those words of desolation!

It was a crazy busy weekend of the conference, meetings, babies, lovely fellowship, and little sleep. Today is quiet. Painting waits but I may ignore it today.

A little boy told me on Friday, 'We boys are not cuddlish. We are hazardous.'

Whatever you say darling. But I'm going to kiss your chubby cheek anyway.

Not from the new EP, but here's some luscious forthcoming Eisley.



Thursday, 15 October 2009

Fire Kite

I'm listening to Eisley's new e.p. and you should get it too. (Ambulence may break your heart though. But at least get that and The Valley)

And I've been painting - and thinking
- ugh, I have no technique, no skill there. It's all wishes

I'm making a list of herbs and spices for more girls waiting to be made. Some of my new favorites are Bergamot, Calendula, Aprica, and Calamintha. They will make lovely pictures.
Last week I deleted facebook (and a few weeks before ended my brief round with tumblr). Time is too precious, now and always. Facebook is handy, tumblr inspiring, but right now it's not what I need for distraction.
This is a busy time. Always, but the ret of October is filled with guests, serving, preparation, a conference (D.A. Carson in Dubai!), and then a flight out to Texas. So exciting; but possibly overwhelming too!
Do hold on to time. 'look carefully then how you walk.'

with love,

Monday, 12 October 2009

Being a new driver is fun - and how many of my teen friends get to have an international license? We are blessed to be here.

I love saying 'Is where I parked ok?' or 'I drove two of the girls out to Jebel Ali.' Or walking around the immense Dubai Mall to meet Danielle, knowing that I got there by 'all by myself.' Ha, I'm such a dork.

But I'm treasuring the extra moments in the car for prayer. (And singing super loud, but you know.) Time alone that's very different from frequent commutes as a passenger. It doesn't replace study but is a refreshingly interspersed pleasure.

Time is racing, as always, and the craft market (several?) is hanging overhead. Here are some herb ladies in the (very early) works.

So, what about you - Do you enjoy driving? What are your current projects?


Saturday, 10 October 2009


The promised homemade candles - but only the pretty one. We made a bunch poured in waxed paper cups to make simple votives, but my favorite is this one made in a mold that was my mother's when she was little. You know I love owls (see the little porcelain phone charm on my pink phone? Silly me ;) and this goes perfectly by the vintage-looking pencil sharpener a friend gave me. It sits on 'the classy shelf,' beside my great grandmother's sewing box and the Venetian mask from Daddy.

Here are a few more recent unspectacular scrapbook pages. Snow Mountain cousins, beloved Pike Place market, and friends from Puyallup.

You have all been so encouraging lately - thank you :) It makes me so glad to know that you enjoy reading these little crafty postings and are maybe inspired to try things. Definitely the goal!

with love,

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

October Goals

1. Make headbands for fair
2. Finish new set of herb girl paintings for fair
3. Progress on all quilts
4. Practice music on a weekly schedule
5. Have time every week with my brother
6. Memorize Isaiah 58:10-12
7. Start a certain Christmas gift
8. Make other gifts
9. Try making Tartelette chocolate tarts or pear cakes, or something from my French cookbook.
10. Have some special time with one of my well group girls
11. Get at least halfway through one of the books I'm reading (really low goal alert).
12. Organize and host Mother-Daughter tea party for the well group.
13. Finish 'note-stitches' for fair. (I did this after writing the list but before posting!)

[These are more practical goals for October, but there are more personal ones too, and which calling 'goals' might trivialize a bit.]

And in keeping with the theme, I finally made a planner. Does that mean I'm somehow professional now? ;)

Monday, 5 October 2009

Headbands in Action

Here's the pink rosette headband I made, which is a little larger than the others. I was very pleased with the outcome and have already worn it loads. The best thing about making things is that I can choose to keep and give the best ones and then just sell the rest (and maybe wear them first). These headbands I think are a step in the direction of bringing back fascinators - which many many etsy sellers are already doing! But I think they should be a more everyday sight. And maybe fancy hats next!

It was a pleasant, busy weekend, and Sunday was full, but today I had some treasured time for quiet study and reading.
'in Your presence there is fullness of joy;
at your right hand are pleasures forevermore.' [Ps. 16]


Saturday, 3 October 2009

velvety supplies

We spent the morning in Satwa, gathering silky fabrics for rosettes (and velvet ribbon...just because I think it's gorgeous and delightfully old fashioned). I also found some fun blossom-print cotton, and couldn't resist buying a quarter of a yard though I don't have a current project to use more than that. An exciting discovery was tiny, miniature clothes-pins, which I've been wanting for ages (more like two weeks actually, ever since I hung up an inspiration wire).

I'll be back soon with homemade candles and some monthly goals. Those seem like a good idea - like blog accountability maybe? Plus it will make me think clearly and get things accomplished for the November fair!