Thursday, 22 October 2009

Neither Degree nor Diamond

Lately when people ask 'what I'm doing here' (kindly, of course, if not a bit confused), they've given some interesting responses. Maybe the ideas are logical, but I found them funny.

Firstly, when I explained my vision of staying home, and desire to purposefully prepare for womanhood, wifehood, and motherhood, at least three people in the past few weeks have exclaimed, "Oh, so you're engaged then?"
And upon hearing the negative, say, 'Well, I could understand these ideas if you had a boyfriend or something, but really, how can you know that you'll get married?'

Scenario number two:
Many friends ask why I don't go get a degree if I want to homeschool my own children. Even girls who semi-agree with me say, 'What if someday it's illegal in America to homeschool without having a teaching degree?'

These are valid ideas or arguments, but they don't really mesh with my primary convictions on staying home or not pursuing a degree.
While I don't think there is anything wrong with further formal education (though I would do this from home), I do have a problem with getting a teaching certificate 'just in case' so I can teach my future children.

You see - a government with a law like that is not one I am willing to submit to. It is statist and unconstitutional. I would go against it despite the cost - or move. In addition, I know a teaching degree statistically does not improve homeschooling. However, the bottom line in this issue is that it is a tangible way for me to trust the sovereignty of God. I know that He is able to protect and guide, and His laws are higher than man-made ones - even ones which would seek to prevent parents from their God-ordained role of discipling their kids.

Likewise the boyfriend issue. While I'm not planning a wedding, I do know that God will use this time of preparation, and that even now I have been so blessed in learning at home. In His timing and sovereignty He may bring a husband - which is normative - but even if not, He is faithful and I don't have to go the world's route.

This is a bit longer and heavier than my usual crafty posts. But I hope it helps you understand where I'm coming from...or even made you laugh at the ideas I thought were funny in their own way.

In other news, I made this Mud Cake Magnifique invented in honor of NieNie by Conversations with a Cupcake. It turned out as planned and looked just like the pictures. I was thrilled - and even more happy that our guests enjoyed it.



LeAnna said...

This made me grin ear to ear, chica! Maybe that delicious looking cake might have hadsomething to do with that grin, but mostly your convictions. I am SO with you on the whole "getting a degree if homeschooling becomes illegal"! I've thought about this long, and hard, and came to the same conclusion. There may very surely come a day when the government does take away our rights, but if we're going to stand fast in our convictions, we're going to have to not put our trust in chariots and horses so to speak, but rather in the Lord, that HE will guard that which is sacred to the family.

I got the same barrage of interrogation from people as a single, non engaged young woman with no intention of furthering my education with the purpose of a career. And it often stung, but you just keep your head up and do what you know God is asking you to do.

Preach on, sister, preach on!

Elena said...

Wonderfully put Cait!
I know it was hard for me to explain why I was staying home, but once I learned to articulate my convictions it was easier to stand the looks and awkward questions. It is such a comfort to know that we have a purpose for our staying home. Not because we want to get out of working or school, but because we have a beautiful vision and a plan for our future! Something far greater than a life outside of our home. After all, we are called to be set apart, and unfortunately the vast amount of a feminist influence makes those decisions that much more difficult.

I can't wait until you come!

Paulina said...

I really enjoyed this post. I think that even if people don't understand why you are doing something, in the end, you yourself knows what is best for your heart and soul.

I think it is beautiful that you are dedicating your time to becoming a wife and mother.

Jasmine said...

This was a wonderful post, Cait! I love reading your craftier post as well, but I especially liked this one. =) I can so relate. I admire your courage and conviction.

On another note, I admire your clarity and succinctness... something I need to work on. =D

Brette of the Wood said...

I got similar responses when I wasn't in school or doing 'the norm' after highschool....especially when I moved to Georgia to live in a commune just to play with street kids and study philosophy...people were like ... "you're doing WHAT?"...and now even though i AM getting a schooling degree...I still get negative remarks like "Why are you getting an ART degree? Can you actually get a job with that?"...and like you, they don;t understand that for me, getting a job doesn't really matter,(i actually expect to not have a very well paying job but at least I will be doing what God wants me to) but that I'm doing it because God told me to. Again, I also get comments like "Why are you going to COMMUNITY college? don't you want a better degree, like from a UNIVERSITY?" and the funnyt thing is....I pay hardly anything for the same piece of paper..not that I don't believe in Universities, but God has been convicting me of how we even idolize education, and spend too much money on it. I don't believe it should be our top priority. Wow this is long. anyway, I admire you Cait and I believe in what you are doing! I'm living at home and I am the designated cook for my family now...and I quite enjoy it! I didn't know I could cook til it just happened.