Monday, 5 October 2009

Headbands in Action

Here's the pink rosette headband I made, which is a little larger than the others. I was very pleased with the outcome and have already worn it loads. The best thing about making things is that I can choose to keep and give the best ones and then just sell the rest (and maybe wear them first). These headbands I think are a step in the direction of bringing back fascinators - which many many etsy sellers are already doing! But I think they should be a more everyday sight. And maybe fancy hats next!

It was a pleasant, busy weekend, and Sunday was full, but today I had some treasured time for quiet study and reading.
'in Your presence there is fullness of joy;
at your right hand are pleasures forevermore.' [Ps. 16]



Sara said...

It's lovely! I absolutely adore it! I lost my nose-ring yesterday :(

I will go have it re-pierced on Saturday....hopefully! Sad times.

Brette of the Wood said...

cait! thank you for the encouragement.. :) that quote was definitely well received... i think i read it a long time ago, but had forgotten it. it is so is not 'safe'. yet as women we have to be careful not to give it away too early, like you said.
i miss you, dear friend! and your headbands are so cute. :)

LeAnna said...

Very, very cute and classy!

erin meagan said...

that is beautiful! i want to make one!

DreamerLis said...

How cute!!! :)

Lizzie said...

Your hair colour is absolutely gorgeous and I love, love, love those headbands!
It's good to have a relaxing day to read and meditate. Our house has been filled with people these past few days and will continue to be until next Monday!
Busy days make me grateful for the calm ones.
Love you, and miss you!

Maria-Thérèse said...

VERY, very cute.

♥ maria-thérèse