Sunday, 18 October 2009


The conference this weekend with D.A. Carson was wonderful. I appreciated his constant reference to hymns and poetry, particularly this poem by E.B. Browning. Jesus was forsaken on the cross so no other would ever be forsaken - his cry was echoless.

Yea, once, Immanuel’s orphaned cry his universe hath shaken--

It went up single, echoless, “My God, I am forsaken!”

It went up from the Holy’s lips amid his lost creation,

That, of the lost, no son should use those words of desolation!

It was a crazy busy weekend of the conference, meetings, babies, lovely fellowship, and little sleep. Today is quiet. Painting waits but I may ignore it today.

A little boy told me on Friday, 'We boys are not cuddlish. We are hazardous.'

Whatever you say darling. But I'm going to kiss your chubby cheek anyway.

Not from the new EP, but here's some luscious forthcoming Eisley.




Sara said...

lol at what the little boy said! So my-brother-like!

LeAnna said...

Love your craft shelf, and I'm still chuckling at cuddlish vs hazardous - little boys are a mess! :)

erin meagan said...

'We boys are not cuddlish. We are hazardous.'
I like that.

Who's that Gamine? said...

cool craft shelf <3


Jennifer said...

Love your cute!!

LeAnna said...

You are correct! I fixed it. :) Thanks, girl! ;)