Sunday, 25 October 2009

Lovely Package : On the recieving end

You can only imagine my delight upon seeing this pretty bundle under my dad's arm, knowing it could only be the 'lovely package' from Christine. Long-awaited and resent from Germany, this was the culmination of the package exchange as Christine received mine a few weeks ago. Everything in pink and orange, the colours and wrapping were of course beautiful, and everything was styled with Christine's clear, natural photography. The box opened to an accordion-style card with tiny polaroids.

There was a fun mix CD with a gorgeous cover, antique stationary, a handmade notebook, and decorated mini moleskins. A parcel of autumn flower pictures offered to substitute for fall in the desert.

French biscuits, homemade organic German cookies, boxes of matches decorated with vibrant pictures (because she knows I burn a lot of candles), all tightly packed together, and pungent incense fragranced the entire box. A necklace found in her term in the Canary Islands completed an international selection.

To crown it all, a block of four mounted flower portraits stood solidly in the bottom. Chris had made wall hangings of her photos, and they are stunning.
Everything was tastefully chosen and arranged, handmade, or designed. It was a cheerful theme and such a fun gift to open; like a little Christmas! This was a perfect artistic endeavor and seems to have been a blessing to both of us. If you have the chance to do a package exchange (particularly with other art bloggers), seize the chance!



P.S. Sunny enjoyed the paper.


Paulina said...

what fun!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Loved this post! Hearing how much your enjoyed "packages tied up with string" makes me want to put together a package for you too! ... Actually, I think I will! :)


Jasmine said...

Lovely! What a neat idea!

LeAnna said...

That looked like way too much fun. :) I'm loving the art printed on the blocks. I wonder how she had that done...very neat!

Lizzi B. said...

WOW! How nice! What a great idea!