Thursday, 30 December 2010

two thousand ten

Since 2010 was the biggest and most eventful year of my life so far, it makes sense to look back on it thoughtfully, though I haven't done so very concretely yet. It was very, very full, as every year is, with most blessed events added in.
It began happily, already in a courtship with Joel and him being there for Christmas and New Years. We saw the midnight fireworks from a friend's rooftop, and later cooked a fancy dinner together for two well-loved visiting couples.

In March my family traveled to see dear, old friends in Lebanon.

April 19th Joel took me on the SeaWings flight and we were engaged. Oh happy day!

In the summer I went on one more layover with my dad, to Prague in the Czech Republic. We stood on Charles Bridge and a watercolor of the skyline hangs above me now.

Life began a whirlwind of wedding planning, preparation, making, organizing, deciding. I saw my dream gown unfold and we did premarital counseling with our pastor.

My family traveled to the US for August, and Joel unexpectedly was unable to travel so we were separated for 6 weeks. Lovely showers were given in Michigan and Washington, with family time, errands, and visiting.

September was far too busy and fast and simultaneously dragged on forever until the 25th. Arielle stayed for three weeks and was a joy and a help, along with Kyleigh. Family arrived and we rehearsed.

The day of our wedding, the beginning of all the rest. I couldn't say enough.

Honeymoon to (surprise!) St. Petersburg, Russia.

Hosting our first Thanksgiving in our own home :)

Joel's 22nd birthday :)

Our very first Christmas together!

We had a lovely New Year's Eve with the same couples we cooked for last January, this time in our own home and with a new addition and with one of the couples engaged. Yay! It was lovely. We experienced one of my very favorite parts about living in Dubai - standing on the beach at midnight and watching beautiful fireworks by the Burj al Arab.

God bless you, and happy January :)

much love,

Monday, 27 December 2010

These ornaments were part of an attempt to fill our tree and to have extra gifts for people. I wish I'd brought more foam balls back from the US this summer!
Joel and I had the most perfect first Christmas, and a lovely afternoon with my family and my sister's new three legged hamster.

Christmas day was also three months to the day since our wedding.
Look at my sister's blog for a peek :)


Sunday, 19 December 2010

I want to share some real little peeks into our flat soon, but these pictures were taken by my sister Kyleigh on my family's first dinner with us. I love our house so much :) we are very thankful to have such a comfortable place! (Though I was telling my friend Hannah last night, if we ever live in another apartment again I want to be as close to the ground floor as possible, even though we'd forgo the pretty city lights at night. That's a story for another day!) By the way, that beautiful crocheted afghan was a wedding gift from Kyleigh that we found when we returned from St. Petersburg. Everyone would have been amazed if she'd unveiled it at the shower, but she quietly put it on our couch. We use it every day!

Six days until Christmas, and I hope to find the last of Joel's gifts before grocery shopping today, apart from perhaps some homemade ones :) For two days this week we will stay with my siblings in my old house (it always feels strange to say 'my family's house' and not 'our house') while my mom flies with dad. I'm looking forward to the special time with my siblings, and maybe we will make ice cream (another soon-post!).

Do you have any advent traditions?


Thursday, 16 December 2010

our first thanksgiving

The Saturday after Thanksgiving Joel and I hosted our very own first Thanksgiving. I loved the busy day in the kitchen, and it didn't seem hard to get everything together. We invited some good friends from Russia with their new baby Bogdan (the star, see above ;) and new Kazakh friends. They seemed to enjoy all the dishes and had never had a thanksgiving before so if something had gone wrong, no one would have guessed! I said it before, but this really made our house feel cozy and homelike. It already was to the two of us, but that feeling simply quadrupled with a full room.

We learned about Russian New Year salad, Kazakh food and horse meat (they promised to invite us over but I might have to play sick), Grandpa Frost, and other traditions, as well as exchanging stories and reading together.
We had our Christmas tree up, and Yelena made the lights flash to entertain Bogdan.
Joel and I were so happy.


Sunday, 12 December 2010

this is my husband (I love saying that), singing me a silly song off the top of his head and being the rockstar that he is.

we can't believe Christmas is so soon! I still need some more ideas for Joel - it's hard; and he just had a birthday too!

How are you choosing, buying, making, and wrapping gifts this year?

Sunday, 28 November 2010

It is difficult to pick up where you left off, or to write an emailed reply, when there has been a gap of time or life has moved and changes considerably. I'm been content not to be on here (and regrettably neglecting emails) and so much has happened.
Little special days - one month of marriage, one year since our courtship (november 12th), two years since our meeting (november 21st), two months of marriage. We bought a table, hung pictures, bought a Christmas tree (and put it up).
We had our first married Thanksgiving with my parents, and last night had our first Thanksgiving in our own home. Denis, Zhanara, Marat, Yelena, and baby Bogdan came over for their first Thanksgiving ever. I had a lovely time making everything! (Though two little chickens substituted the turkey, since one wouldn't fit in our tiny, pretty oven) We've had guests before but it was amazing to see our table almost full, and to feel our house homey and warm. And one told me, "I like your house, I feel comfortable here." That is what we want, and what its goal is. Warm, comfortable, inviting, something that says home (and is also very colorful). And lots of talking (which also happened).
I love grocery shopping. And cooking, baking, making ice cream, curtains, keeping the cat happy. We got fish (tentatively named Miss Scarlet and Mrs. Peacock) and they need protecting.
These pictures are from our first morning in our apartment, after coming home from Russia. Boxes for tables and boxes everywhere :) It was very happy. And then reading cards a few days later, after going to my family's house (with it not being my home) for the first time to open gifts.

Have a lovely day; I'm going to get to the Thanksgiving dishes. See you sooner again!

Monday, 18 October 2010

dear friends,

we have been happily married for over three weeks, and home from St. Petersburg for nearly two.

Russia (Joel told me in the taxi on the way to the airport) was beautiful, and we loved it.
We saw the Kirov do Swan Lake at their Marinsky theatre, and it was Joel's first ballet (perfectly fitting that it would be the best company and ballet in the world, and on our honeymoon :).
The food was delicious, the air cold; love blissful.

Our eight days there were marvelous, but it was thrilling to come back to our home, and life here has been peaceful and joyous. (We've declared the year our honeymoon, even though Joel is back at work)

The wedding was perfect, and we were amazed. All thanks to God who ordained it, and the myriads of loving, skillful people who ran it!

More soon; love,
Cait Kady :) :) :)

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

would you like to watch our wedding?

We've been talking about this for awhile (ever since this couple did it), and are very pleased to actually be able to live-stream the wedding for our family and dear friends across the world.

Our church administrator is going to do it on his iPhone, and you can view it from right here (on the right panel)!! On Saturday the 25th, you can come to my blog and watch the ceremony. The video is located in the sidebar to the right. The official invitation time is 3:45pm, and we certainly intend to start before 4 pm. Dubai local time is GMT+4. So plan to join us at 7:45 am EDT (Michigan!), 4:45 am PDT (Seattle!) or whatever your local time works out to be!

If this video does not work (realize it won't start until the wedding does), you can go to this link [] once the wedding has begun, and watch from there.

We hope this is a blessing to the family and friends far away :)

Much love,

P.S. Three days!

Saturday, 18 September 2010

seven tiny days until wifehood

Only a week left, and all the planning and preparation and work will be over. It will be such a relief to just be married, to each other, and able to rest. We are so ready, and looking forward also to having a settled home and no more long drives to each other or talking about details.
I want to seize quiet this week, and time with my family that has trickled away unknowingly.

We are so happy, and thankful, but it is easy to get overwhelmed and I need consistent dependence on God, and joy (which is bubbling up inside but needs help coming out!).

Much love,

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

We are back in Enumclaw after a big-family weekend in Seabrook, and seeing an old friend in Sequim on the way home. More about the lovely Pacific Beach soon, but here are two more Michigan snippets - Aubrey's amazing cat, the fat and friendly Fezzik - and my kindred spirit Sara, with bubbly, cheery Raya. The two had never met before but after a sweet shower that Sara had for me, we got to spend some time with Raya, the first female (Christian!) piper to join Cabar Feidh after I did :) We hadn't seen each other since I moved four years ago, so it was good to catch up.
I could never say enough about the blessing that dear friends have been in these past few weeks, especially in their celebrating with Joel and I (even though they haven't met him yet). It's been overwhelming!

Love, Cait

P.S. the counters are safely replaced, but here is more of the sharpie spree:
(I'm making it sound like a big deal but really it was just something silly to keep all the cousins excitedly occupied during one of our big barbeques at Grandma's)

P.P.S. I finally bought this song on iTunes :)
P.P.P.S. Five weeks gone and one more until I see Joel again!

Thursday, 19 August 2010

these are some goings-on

Local lavender has been dried for shower-favor sachets. It smelled beautiful through the window.

My fantastic cousin Hannah. I wish you could all meet her, really.

Said amazing cousin suggested that we color our grandparents' counter with sharpies since they were getting it torn out (it's now a gorgeous granite). They agreed and the little cousins enthusiastically obliged!


We just returned from a full, too-busy time in Michigan. It was lovely to see old friends again, and I was so blessed by them. It was simply a little too hectic. I will write more about the lovely parts soon :)

How is your August so far? It feels like it's flying by in some ways and dragging on in others!

love, Cait

Thursday, 12 August 2010

a traditional stack

finally - this big stack of state-side invitations addressed, filled, stamped, sealed, and ready to mail. And I even have a couple blisters to show for the sealing :) It was a fun job and I was amazed at how fast everything went, especially writing all the addresses and return addresses out. I love the seal; we used it on top of the wrapped baker's twine for the invitations to be handed out, and on the back of the mailed envelopes. It was a natural black resin I found on ebay, and we used a beautiful tree seal that belonged to my great-grandmother. The resin didn't have a wick running through it, so I had to use a flame lighter to melt and drip it.

I would have more pictures of finishing them up but Kyleigh took them while I was singing along to an opera song, so they aren't too attractive ;)


Saturday, 7 August 2010


Last week I went on the longest hike I've ever been on, with Joel's adorable sister, sweet mom, and younger brother and brother's girlfriend Heather. It was near Mount Rainier, and we encountered a lot of wet and slippery snow-covered paths! We saw plenteous birds, gophers (up close! I wanted to cuddle them), elk, deer, and even a mother bear with her cubs, from a distance!

It was fantastic, and I couldn't believe how close to the mountain we were, but made me miss Joel really bad.


twenty-four and forty-nine

It has been a very bittersweet trip, these last two weeks. It was bittersweet, already, because I was going to be away from Joel for over a week. But now that week is turning into six. Stand-by flights failed us and we are across the world from each other for over a month, longer than it will be from when I get back until our wedding day (that is the good part).
That was very, very hard to realize, having not bargained for that long away. It's helped me know how blessed we are to live in the same city, unlike some courting or betrothed couples. God has very wise purposes we don't know in this, and it is a unique reminder that Christ is my true bridegroom, and that seeking Him first is important even when Joel and I are together. Joel reminds me that if we knew all that God knew right now, we would choose the same things. Painful to think about but true!

Those numbers up there are how many days until I'm home again, and the number of days until September 25th :)

And after a weekend of attempts, all this was found out on my birthday. That was so sad! We still had a very sweet evening at dinner with Joel's family, who are so kind and lovely to me. But it was difficult to think that I was supposed to be meeting all his relatives with him, and then when all my family came on Wednesday, he was supposed to be getting to know them all for the first time. Also, I've never gotten to see him on my birthday! What is neat is that when all of this does happen someday, it will be as husband and wife, for real.


Saturday, 24 July 2010

things that have made me smile this week

- my sweet friend Arielle saying yes to this question:

- the two huge boxes of silk flowers awaiting me at my grandparents' house, and how beautiful and richly colored and perfect they were.

- my cousin Hannah and her shennanigans.

- teenagers walking into the Starbucks I'm sitting at and fanning themselves desperately, exclaiming "I'm hot!" in this 70-degree Enumclaw weather. Hot!? (though I have to admit, I'm not used to being outside in warm weather. But coming from 118 this is very, very nice.)

- the find of an exquisite thrifted 50's dress.

- that this the wedding day of a dear friend! (2 months and 2 days for us)

- surprises for Joel =)

- American coffee shops, atmosphere included.

- shopping for pretty things I've never had to go shopping for before.

- seeing Mount Rainier from my window :)

what does not make me smile today:

being halfway around the world from Joel and having to settle for Skype (but I am very thankful for Skype).

I'm going to go join my grandpa outside now. What has made you smile/laugh/cry this week?

much love;

Thursday, 15 July 2010

i here refrain from a pun on 'Czech'

My dad flew to Prague last week and I went on the layover with him. The only other time I've been on one of his layovers was to Venice, two years ago (I'm still in love with that place). We had 24 hours in the beautiful city and it was a wonderful time with him as I get ready to go back to the states.

This is going to make me sound like a spoiled brat (which I am when it comes to traveling! That's what comes of having a pilot father and living overseas. We've been so blessed!), but really, once you've been to the major European cities....they all start to look the same.

This was no exception, but the unique thing about Prague is the cause of its well-earned title, City of Spires. Along the skyline and everywhere you look are the delicate, high-flying steeples and peaks of town halls, cathedrals, castles, and clock towers. Hauntingly fog-covered in photographs (how I wish I'd had a polaroid!), and starkly rising in streetside watercolor print shops, the Charles Bridge had the best few and was crowded with artists.
Photos to come soon, I hope! There is much to do in the THREE days before I leave, and tonight I'm cooking a big dinner for my dad and Joel and some others (but that's fun and relaxing :).

much love,

P.S. What says 'processional music' (think 'entrance of the bride or bridesmaids') to you? I'm stuck on music!

Monday, 5 July 2010

I am officially on a blog break.
This means if I comment on your blog, scold me.
This does not mean that if there are a bunch of things to share and a bunch of free time (not happening) then I won't write something, but I do want to seize the time.
I spend much more time browsing than writing (evident by my irregular posting!), so that is where I need the declared break. This is because I enjoy your blogs, not because I want to absent myself from them! ;)

There is so much to do in the next two weeks before I leave for the states, and just a little more before our marriage, and using time well is something I struggle with constantly. Enjoying blogs isn't wrong, but maybe sometimes some people can do things that I cannot, if I want to be trained better in diligence and faithfulness for the future.
Especially now, and probably increasingly as I get older, I want to look back with no regrets of wasting days.

I'd really like to keep a blog after Joel and I are married, as long as I can use computer time really well. We've talked about the benefits of that; all the ways that I've been encouraged by other blogs, especially of those a step ahead of me in life.

So, maybe it's a blog reading break, but don't expect me around too much.
Maybe I'll post a lot through the summer
Maybe the next thing you'll see is wedding pictures (!!!)
Maybe the next thing will be a new Kady blog address. (!!!!!!!!)

You ladies are just too inspiring. So much so that I need to hide for a couple weeks ;)

with love,

p.s. we looked at an apartment yesterday!! :)

Thursday, 1 July 2010

he's twelve

Joel and I promised Nate and Candace awhile ago that we'd take them each out with us sometime, because they (Candace) would be sad when we weren't home in the evenings. It was Nate's turn this week, and like Candace, he only had one word - burger! (Candace's was 'Starbucks!') All he wanted was a giant burger somewhere. We found an empty table in a World-Cup-crazed Dubai Mall diner, and Nate happily ate and tried to catch glimpses of Germany winning. He is a bottomless pit right now (and would tell you that he has one dinner stomach, one spaghetti stomach, and two dessert stomachs), a growing boy. I love my little brother and I've always looked forward to being the watchful big sister when he's tall and handsome (it's getting close!).
I still remember his chubby toddler cheeks and the sour faces he made when he tried yogurt for the first time.

Joel had heard about the 'best milkshakes in Dubai' and we got those after exclaiming with glee over the new Hershey's store in the mall. It was very sweet, because Joel knows my constant irrational cravings for milkshakes. These were so good.

Nate was so wound up, and I look forward to many more times of making him feel extra special (preferably with quality time daily until our wedding). My dad and I are the only ones left of our family now; all have departed for music camp or Grandma's house in Washington. I follow on July 19th, and he in August - it's the yearly Dubai exodus. Time is so precious and short. I'm happy that it's short because oh my GOODNESS in eighty-four days we'll be married, but at the same time I want to freeze the months and invest in people and plan details. Enjoy those siblings while you're in the same house.

much love,

p.s. thank you for all of your lovely, sweet comments. :)