Thursday, 15 July 2010

i here refrain from a pun on 'Czech'

My dad flew to Prague last week and I went on the layover with him. The only other time I've been on one of his layovers was to Venice, two years ago (I'm still in love with that place). We had 24 hours in the beautiful city and it was a wonderful time with him as I get ready to go back to the states.

This is going to make me sound like a spoiled brat (which I am when it comes to traveling! That's what comes of having a pilot father and living overseas. We've been so blessed!), but really, once you've been to the major European cities....they all start to look the same.

This was no exception, but the unique thing about Prague is the cause of its well-earned title, City of Spires. Along the skyline and everywhere you look are the delicate, high-flying steeples and peaks of town halls, cathedrals, castles, and clock towers. Hauntingly fog-covered in photographs (how I wish I'd had a polaroid!), and starkly rising in streetside watercolor print shops, the Charles Bridge had the best few and was crowded with artists.
Photos to come soon, I hope! There is much to do in the THREE days before I leave, and tonight I'm cooking a big dinner for my dad and Joel and some others (but that's fun and relaxing :).

much love,

P.S. What says 'processional music' (think 'entrance of the bride or bridesmaids') to you? I'm stuck on music!


Jessica said...

I love Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring by JS Bach for a processional :) Congrats on your engagement and many well wishes for a happy marriage!


LeAnna said...

I have heard Prague is amazing! Hope to see your pictures, soon.

For processional music I went very non traditional. I walked in to a segment of Fly by Sarah Groves. It was lyrical, which you don't see much in wedding processions, but I liked it!

Kelsey said...

as incredibly traditional and almost cliche as it is, I still do love Canon in D, and I can't hear it without thinking "here comes the bride!"
I also love "How Beautiful" for a processional. Like Lianna said, having someone sing while you're walking down the aisle is less common, but I think it's lovely.

Autumn said...

Canon in D, of course, and Bach's Prelude to Suite #1.