Thursday, 1 July 2010

he's twelve

Joel and I promised Nate and Candace awhile ago that we'd take them each out with us sometime, because they (Candace) would be sad when we weren't home in the evenings. It was Nate's turn this week, and like Candace, he only had one word - burger! (Candace's was 'Starbucks!') All he wanted was a giant burger somewhere. We found an empty table in a World-Cup-crazed Dubai Mall diner, and Nate happily ate and tried to catch glimpses of Germany winning. He is a bottomless pit right now (and would tell you that he has one dinner stomach, one spaghetti stomach, and two dessert stomachs), a growing boy. I love my little brother and I've always looked forward to being the watchful big sister when he's tall and handsome (it's getting close!).
I still remember his chubby toddler cheeks and the sour faces he made when he tried yogurt for the first time.

Joel had heard about the 'best milkshakes in Dubai' and we got those after exclaiming with glee over the new Hershey's store in the mall. It was very sweet, because Joel knows my constant irrational cravings for milkshakes. These were so good.

Nate was so wound up, and I look forward to many more times of making him feel extra special (preferably with quality time daily until our wedding). My dad and I are the only ones left of our family now; all have departed for music camp or Grandma's house in Washington. I follow on July 19th, and he in August - it's the yearly Dubai exodus. Time is so precious and short. I'm happy that it's short because oh my GOODNESS in eighty-four days we'll be married, but at the same time I want to freeze the months and invest in people and plan details. Enjoy those siblings while you're in the same house.

much love,

p.s. thank you for all of your lovely, sweet comments. :)


Elena said...

Praise God for this beautiful, busy time you have right now! I am thinking about you sister!

I. LOVE. your peacock earrings.
They have inspired me to refashion and wear mine!

LeAnna said...

Enjoy this time with your sibs! It changes a little after marriage, but I think it's harder on them more than anything. Even in the newlywed/honeymoon hustle and bustle of life (which believe me, that first year goes by way faster than you'd think!) don't forget to take them out for a burger now and then. ;)

Now I'm craving a milkshake. Mmmmhmmm!