Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Engagement Pictures [Nicky Rivett]

Our friend Nicky did a lovely job with these, and was creative and professional and relaxed. I love looking at these photos. It was a special day together and such a fun time with Nicky and her fiance (they're getting married two months later!).
I hope you enjoyed them! (I've saved just a few for later!)

P.S. I love the ones with the guitar because I guarantee you have never heard anybody in person play like Joel can.
P.P.S. This very encouraging post articulated much of what I'm thinking and experiencing and trying to live out, re. several posts down. Thank you Jasmine!
Listen --I'm so excited right now, because I'm thinking of the next generation of Christian young people, marrying and raising their children with a view towards multigenerational faithfulness and a biblical purpose -I'm thinking of houses brimming with God-fearing families, burgeoning with cultural impact -and I'm thinking of revival, of the gospel of Christ dispersing through the means of these godly families. I'm thinking it starts here -with you choosing to invest in your family; it starts here, with me doing the same. It starts with us loving every second of it.


Elena said...

These are wonderful! I really like the way you both were captured--so sweet :)
Praying for you, sister!

LeAnna said...

You guys are just too cute, have I ever said that before? Well, I'm saying it again, and IF I may say so, you are going to make gorgeous babies. No speculation about it, when that time comes they will be adorable. All of them. And the world needs more adorable children. :) I especially love the little excerpt you copied at the end, that is so good. Take joy in it!

Before I even read the part about the guitar picture being your favorite, I decided it was my favorite. Though ALL of them are lovely.

Men that play the guitar are dreamy, I know. Mine picks a little here and there and it's enough to make my heart go pitter.

I'm SO EXCITED for you!!!!!!! Ahhhhhh! I wish you lived next door so I could invite myself over for tea and wedding talk, but oh well, I'll be content with blogging. ;)

Katheryn said...

Beautiful! :)

Carolina said...

Beautiful pictures! I love them all!:)

Micaela said...

Oh, how lovely! These pictures are wonderful.
Praying for both of you during this sweet time.

Kelsey said...

Oh my goodness, these are lovely, Cait! I love how they all make you look like you are the only two people in the world.

Annaka said...

What an absolutely beautiful and perfect couple you two make. : ) I love the photography. Simply amazing!

Tizzalicious said...

Wow, gorgeous pictures! You two make such a beautiful couple, and you both look so happy. I love it :)

Yngvil said...

Really beautiful pictures!