Sunday, 20 June 2010

Father's week

Because this week was Father's Day, and my last in my father's house, and because my father deserves it, I wanted to write about him, however incomprehensive.

Let me start by saying two things:

Because of Daddy, I was blessed by staying home after graduating.
Because of Daddy, I am getting married.

My three younger siblings and I have been homeschooled our whole lives, by parents intent on training us in the home and with a Biblical worldview. My dad would tell people that he'd never have given the privilege of teaching us away. He was the 'principal' of the Fox Home Academy, and when it came to high school, he directed, compiled, and even wrote much of our curriculum, in order to give us an informed, Scriptural understanding of culture and history, and teach us that 'ideas have consequences,' as Dr. Grant says.
He took me to a Vision Forum Father-Daughter retreat the summer before I turned twelve, and then I told him that I was going to stay with him until I got married, and that he had my heart, and left behind the mental journey to professional ballet.
We moved to Dubai and I was the foolish teenager guinea pig, but they figured things out, even if it was the long way. God has transformed our family over the past two years, using friends and convictions to turn us to obedience and reform. Daddy teaches us. He always has, but now he is a visible beacon to other fathers of discipling their families. He is an elder, and I couldn't be happier because he is qualified.
Because the Lord gave my father vision, I was blessed to remain in his home to prepare for my own family, was encouraged to be obedient to Scripture uniquely as a woman.

When I was little I always told him I wanted to marry someone exactly like him. As I grew up, I understood his qualities better and grew more thankful, and he taught me things that I would need in a husband that I might not realize. When we were very young we were prepared for what to expect leading up to marriage, under Daddy's guidance and protection. He guarded me from harm and waste (even though I have my own mistakes) and he helped me with a 'list.'
Then he excitedly spent months talking to Joel, as he saw all of these things, and more, in him. I didn't know, of course =) but he was doing exactly what he had always told us he would, and what it was his job to do. My father's time with Joel gave me complete peace that the man I respected most loved and approved of Joel. Daddy is thrilled (even though it's harder for my family to think about than me) and my parents are as thankful as I am (well, almost ;) for God's generosity in bringing us together. I love Joel because he is Joel, but, like I thought of when I was a little girl, there are many similarities. They are both noble, purposeful men who fear the Lord, and courageously follow Scripture.
Daddy took seriously his biblical responsibility for the transfer of his authority to my future husband, which will take place in 94 days. God willing, generations will thank him for it.

He is a man who stands, often alone with little likeminded fellowship or encouragement from other men, and who is unashamedly counter-cultural. He fears God rather than man, and I am grateful, privileged, praising God that I am his daughter and was raised and loved in his house.


(I write this because I love him, and if it makes you discontent with the father God has placed you under, that was not my intent! We've been blessed by the grace of God, and don't deserve it. You have been planted there purposefully, and all of our dads are imperfect. We will be far happier if we serve joyfully rather than wishing we had a model man for a father, or despairing that he is not all that he could be. Obey and pray hard for contentment, and try to bless him as he is.)


Miss E. said...

My dear, I am so excited for you! 94 days. My one bit of advice is to enjoy this time. I know it can be stressful and difficult, but it needs to still be fun :) You are a joy to read! I hope you have a good day

LeAnna said...

This was SO sweet! Godly Dad's are truly a treasure, and I have had the privilege of watching my own father continue to grow in Christ well into my adult years. That is such a cool thing, especially when you're getting ready to start a new chapter of life, to see the faithfulness of generations before you. A heritage of highest honor!
Three more months! It will fly, trust me. It will fly, and it will be, and the journey will only become greater with each new day. :) I'm so happy for you!!

Tracy said...

Beautiful, Cait! Both men in your life are very blessed!