Sunday, 27 June 2010

ninety days

in case you were curious, here's where we're at :)

. (almost) everything planned, organized, and designed
. found a caterer
. decided on silk flowers and found where to order them from
. picked a song to be performed during the signing
. favors half finished
. dress designed and underway
. supplies for bridesmaid headpieces bought
. discovered that the seamstress will make my veil for free
. was given a lovely shower with the older ladies who have impacted and influenced me
. registry finished (here, if you have recommendations or see any gaping holes!)
. bought COUCHES (okay, not directly wedding related but it's super exciting!)
. was offered the bridal package as a wedding gift from friends starting a salon (hello saving 2000dhs)
. stored a couple hundred jars and emailed ladies to save their used ones
. bought 244 yards of ribbon
. have no idea where Joel is taking me afterward :)
. invitations printed and assembled (so pretty!)
. had our first premarital counseling session

Before leaving to the US for a month on July 19th, I need to find shoes, order flowers, organize teams of helpers, locate a little arbor somewhere to buy or rent, finish invitations, and work on favors, garlands, and other little handwork things. It's not too overwhelming and much can be finished in September, when planning is done and my sweet friend Arielle is here. These are all little things to be progressed in, and I'm so happy we get to do so many creative things ourselves, it's so much fun and when it's all mapped out I can be at peace about having time.

What are you up to these June days?

P.S. I really need a new header. It's shameful.


LeAnna said...

You're doing great, girl! I'd say things are coming right along. Can't wait to see your gown, I just know it will be gorgeous.
We're not up to much here, just trying to stay cool. The humidity is awful, so much kiddie pool action and iced tea is going on. :)

Sara said...

Your very own couches! I think you are adorable and this is all so exciting for me. Sending you warm wishes and all the beauty in the world!

Kelsey said...

I am ridiculously happy for you and Joel, Cait! Your wedding details are so sweet and lovely sounding!
Praying God will bless you both during this exciting time of your lives...