Friday, 26 June 2009

Dear Rupert and an Allegory

I received a very special graduation gift, from a wonderful, likeminded friend. He found an out of print C.S. Lewis book that I had been looking for, and an original 1917 antique copy of Rupert Brooke's collection from World War I. They are both so beautiful, and full of beautiful words.

Rupert Brooke (a favourite poet) died young in the war, and his poems were given to many, I'm sure, as the handwritten note on the leaf of my copy dictates. There is a faint photograph of Mr. Brooke, protected by another thin sheet. And the first poems are my favourite sonnets! The set of five, The Soldier.

And best of all, slipped between the pages of 1914, was a Civil War postal cover; weathered, preserved, carefully addressed. If you've been around on my blog long enough, you know how important the War Between the States is to me!

Antique books and paper treasures make perfect gifts.

with love,

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Hope Chest

Do or did any of you have a hope chest? My sister and I keep them (minus the actual pretty wooden chest, however) and are very fond of the tradition. I collect for it to build for the future now, as a reminder and as a preparation. It's also nice when I have the urge to just buy or make something, but want to get something more worthwhile in the long run. Every time I put something new in or look at everything it's like a fun surprise all over again. I may share a little more later (not everything, I want it to be special just for me too!), but right now I want to show you some new things I'm really excited about.

These are some dishes I glimpsed at Geant, a cheap French supermarket here in Dubai, which look exactly like the famous Anthropologie bowls which, of course, I could never afford. A few weeks later I went back and bought 5 small lilac and pink bowls, two large yellow, one large blue, and one small blue of a slightly different shape. I love them! And they are something really useful to save. The first time I saw the anthro bowls was on Nie Nie's blog, where they have a tradition of buying a new one every year to replace the ones that break.

I will schedule a post for until I'm settled in at camp, but my sister and I are off tomorrow night to the US, where I will be at a Highland games to compete in bagpiping, and then at music camp for the same. In time for the 4th I will be in beautiful Seattle!


Monday, 22 June 2009

pinks and florals

It's decor inspiration time again! I'm excited for after summer when I hope to paint my hallway and reorganize the little art space in my room. It won't be pink, but these are lovely anyway.

[from the home of Quaint Handmade]

[les invasions ephemeres]

[from House to Home]

[Gaby Zimmerman]

[pardon the painting to the left]

[the patterns and fabrics in this one are a bit overload for me, but I love collections of old perfume bottles]

with love;

Sunday, 21 June 2009

ye olde movie

I thought many of you would likely appreciate this silent film made by my younger siblings.

with love,

Friday, 19 June 2009

Candace and I had a little fun dressing up this week. We like to do our nails together, and this time we tried on some of my hats too. She's such a funny little poser!

In six days we fly stateside. There is so much to do before then!

with love,

Monday, 15 June 2009

Send in the Clowns

The time with Rachel in Oman was wonderful. We camped one night in the Jebel al Akhdar mountains, which was almost like a miniature Grand Canyon, visited ancient burial mounds, and heard the unearthly sound of donkeys braying while we attemped to sleep without air mattresses. Rachel sang beautifully in her concert (Send in the Clowns).

Shokoofeh, who has the lovely blog A New Simple Something, made this collage of roses for me. They are such a beautiful flower!

with love,

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Harvard Scrap

My friend Chris is at Harvard for music composition (and possibly playwriting) and also happens to be a brilliant bagpipe player. We were in the advanced class together at the Ohio Scottish Arts School last summer and she played some of her songs and ideas for musicals on the piano for us, which was amazing! She told us about how Harvard has a freshman musical, and she really wanted to win the place to have one of her musicals produced.

A year later, it turns out that she did get it, and instead of composing it all, wrote the play! She's so proud and I'm really glad she had the opportunity. Anyway...the picture was taken at the bagpipe camp and we joked that it would be her album cover someday, so I used it for scrapbooking.

Tomorrow I'm off for the weekend to Muscat, Oman, to visit a friend. Have a lovely week!


P.S. Jessica of Chronically Vintage has just made the loveliest, springy post all about pink!

Sunday, 7 June 2009

I finally ordered a print from The Black Apple. Emily's work is so beautiful and definitely inspires a lot of my efforts. Her blog is very sweet as well! The print I bought is entitled 'The Quiet Room,' and I plan on saving it for my future home instead of hanging it up now.

I just listened to an interview with the Botkin sisters, which was excellent. Among other things from their lives, Anna Sofia and Elizabeth spoke of influencing and encouraging brothers, which is also a special feature of their film, The Return of the Daughters. One of them shared a story about the early days of composing in their family, and how she wanted to be the great Botkin composer and would put down her brother's playing. When she realized that he was more gifted in the area and that her comments were tearing him down, she learned to build him up instead, and stand behind him and push him forward. We sisters can have a powerful influence (for good or ill) on our brothers, whether younger or older. Let's use it wisely!

with love,

Saturday, 6 June 2009

cards & pastries

A few small recent projects - macarons (which came out not quite smooth) and graduation cards. The cards I made by cutting leaf-shaped pieces of fabric and laying them in lines across the front of a card. I stitched down each row on the machine (holding the card open) and it creates a nice effect, unique to most cards. I love texture!

We are going to a local wedding tonight - exciting!

with love,

Friday, 5 June 2009

Deliciously Depressing?

We had a little dinner for our well group study leader this Wednesday night. I made about 40 red velvet cupcakes, and left them to cool on the counter. Coming back into the kitchen later, 25 were gone, courtesy of Eeyore the hateful dog. (sorry, I have no sympathy for the creature - no, I won't be swayed! But it's not very natural for me to despise him!)
I frosted the remains with cream cheese icing, and we managed to have a delightful party to honor Elaine.

with love,

p.s. I'll tell you what's depressing.

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

I know many of you like Alice in Wonderland as much as I do. Some of the original or lesser known illustrations are as fantastic as the book and film. My favourite is the bottom plate, one of the original Tenniel illustrations done for Carroll's book.
More to come :)

What is our favourite of Carroll's works? The Hunting of the Snark is also good.