Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Hope Chest

Do or did any of you have a hope chest? My sister and I keep them (minus the actual pretty wooden chest, however) and are very fond of the tradition. I collect for it to build for the future now, as a reminder and as a preparation. It's also nice when I have the urge to just buy or make something, but want to get something more worthwhile in the long run. Every time I put something new in or look at everything it's like a fun surprise all over again. I may share a little more later (not everything, I want it to be special just for me too!), but right now I want to show you some new things I'm really excited about.

These are some dishes I glimpsed at Geant, a cheap French supermarket here in Dubai, which look exactly like the famous Anthropologie bowls which, of course, I could never afford. A few weeks later I went back and bought 5 small lilac and pink bowls, two large yellow, one large blue, and one small blue of a slightly different shape. I love them! And they are something really useful to save. The first time I saw the anthro bowls was on Nie Nie's blog, where they have a tradition of buying a new one every year to replace the ones that break.

I will schedule a post for until I'm settled in at camp, but my sister and I are off tomorrow night to the US, where I will be at a Highland games to compete in bagpiping, and then at music camp for the same. In time for the 4th I will be in beautiful Seattle!



Hilton said...

Very pretty

Jessica Cangiano said...

I think hope chests are an eternally dear and wonderful idea. I had been living on my own before I got married, so I sort of came with a lot of the items one might have traditionally put in them, but had I still been at home, I think I would have tried to put one together.

Old fashion as they may be in some peoples' eyes, if I ever have a daughter, I will start one for her as soon as she's born.

Have a beautiful and very safe trip to the States, my dear - see you when you get back :)

♥ Jessica

Natalie said...

Cute bowls! The colors are gorgeous.....Hope you have a great time in the States! (I'm going to Seattle in August- I just love that place! :)




Thanks Cait.
we all wish we were birds, right? free birds... Oh I feel I've already missed flying!


Autumn said...

I love those dishes!

My hope chest is overflowing!

LeAnna said...

I had a hope chest, and collected so many fun things. It was like Christmas to open it after my marriage, and see what all I had stashed away over the years. Those bowls are adorable!
(By the way, I blog hopped my way over here from Autumn's blog...)
Have fun in Seattle! I went there for my honeymoon, and it is so beautiful.


Tizzalicious said...

I have a cheap version of those bowls too. Gotta love them!