Friday, 26 June 2009

Dear Rupert and an Allegory

I received a very special graduation gift, from a wonderful, likeminded friend. He found an out of print C.S. Lewis book that I had been looking for, and an original 1917 antique copy of Rupert Brooke's collection from World War I. They are both so beautiful, and full of beautiful words.

Rupert Brooke (a favourite poet) died young in the war, and his poems were given to many, I'm sure, as the handwritten note on the leaf of my copy dictates. There is a faint photograph of Mr. Brooke, protected by another thin sheet. And the first poems are my favourite sonnets! The set of five, The Soldier.

And best of all, slipped between the pages of 1914, was a Civil War postal cover; weathered, preserved, carefully addressed. If you've been around on my blog long enough, you know how important the War Between the States is to me!

Antique books and paper treasures make perfect gifts.

with love,


Autumn said...

What a lovely gift!

Annaka said...

Those are beautiful! I love old books too - my room can testify to that.

Sara said...

check my latest post!

Anonymous said...

WOW! Never let that friend out of your sight!!!!lol!
That's such a beautifully thoughtful gift! Lucky you!