Monday, 22 June 2009

pinks and florals

It's decor inspiration time again! I'm excited for after summer when I hope to paint my hallway and reorganize the little art space in my room. It won't be pink, but these are lovely anyway.

[from the home of Quaint Handmade]

[les invasions ephemeres]

[from House to Home]

[Gaby Zimmerman]

[pardon the painting to the left]

[the patterns and fabrics in this one are a bit overload for me, but I love collections of old perfume bottles]

with love;


Natalie said...

Very pretty! I especially like the first one...

erin meagan said...

these are so beautiful. i want to redecorate my bedroom into something lovely like those photos.

Sara said...

I am *in love* with the third room, it's perfect!!!

Jessica Cangiano said...

So breath-takingly gorgeous! I wish my entire house could be decorated in these exact sort of styles.

Big hugs!
♥ Jessica