Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Harvard Scrap

My friend Chris is at Harvard for music composition (and possibly playwriting) and also happens to be a brilliant bagpipe player. We were in the advanced class together at the Ohio Scottish Arts School last summer and she played some of her songs and ideas for musicals on the piano for us, which was amazing! She told us about how Harvard has a freshman musical, and she really wanted to win the place to have one of her musicals produced.

A year later, it turns out that she did get it, and instead of composing it all, wrote the play! She's so proud and I'm really glad she had the opportunity. Anyway...the picture was taken at the bagpipe camp and we joked that it would be her album cover someday, so I used it for scrapbooking.

Tomorrow I'm off for the weekend to Muscat, Oman, to visit a friend. Have a lovely week!


P.S. Jessica of Chronically Vintage has just made the loveliest, springy post all about pink!


Autumn said...

that is very cute.
i love that picture that you ordered!

Jessica Cangiano said...

Hi sweet dear, I hope you have a marvelous weekend trip. Travel almost always provides scads of inspiration for so many faucets of life, and hope this rings true for you on this journey.

Thank you so, so much for mentioning my post about pale pink. I'm absolutely touched that you did that.

Big hugs & many joyful wishes for a safe and wonderful trip!
♥ Jessica

willynillywaterlily said...

Sounds like you and your friend had a great time at camp!

Have a wonderful trip!

Anonymous said...

lovely blog :)

Anonymous said...