Saturday, 24 July 2010

things that have made me smile this week

- my sweet friend Arielle saying yes to this question:

- the two huge boxes of silk flowers awaiting me at my grandparents' house, and how beautiful and richly colored and perfect they were.

- my cousin Hannah and her shennanigans.

- teenagers walking into the Starbucks I'm sitting at and fanning themselves desperately, exclaiming "I'm hot!" in this 70-degree Enumclaw weather. Hot!? (though I have to admit, I'm not used to being outside in warm weather. But coming from 118 this is very, very nice.)

- the find of an exquisite thrifted 50's dress.

- that this the wedding day of a dear friend! (2 months and 2 days for us)

- surprises for Joel =)

- American coffee shops, atmosphere included.

- shopping for pretty things I've never had to go shopping for before.

- seeing Mount Rainier from my window :)

what does not make me smile today:

being halfway around the world from Joel and having to settle for Skype (but I am very thankful for Skype).

I'm going to go join my grandpa outside now. What has made you smile/laugh/cry this week?

much love;

Thursday, 15 July 2010

i here refrain from a pun on 'Czech'

My dad flew to Prague last week and I went on the layover with him. The only other time I've been on one of his layovers was to Venice, two years ago (I'm still in love with that place). We had 24 hours in the beautiful city and it was a wonderful time with him as I get ready to go back to the states.

This is going to make me sound like a spoiled brat (which I am when it comes to traveling! That's what comes of having a pilot father and living overseas. We've been so blessed!), but really, once you've been to the major European cities....they all start to look the same.

This was no exception, but the unique thing about Prague is the cause of its well-earned title, City of Spires. Along the skyline and everywhere you look are the delicate, high-flying steeples and peaks of town halls, cathedrals, castles, and clock towers. Hauntingly fog-covered in photographs (how I wish I'd had a polaroid!), and starkly rising in streetside watercolor print shops, the Charles Bridge had the best few and was crowded with artists.
Photos to come soon, I hope! There is much to do in the THREE days before I leave, and tonight I'm cooking a big dinner for my dad and Joel and some others (but that's fun and relaxing :).

much love,

P.S. What says 'processional music' (think 'entrance of the bride or bridesmaids') to you? I'm stuck on music!

Monday, 5 July 2010

I am officially on a blog break.
This means if I comment on your blog, scold me.
This does not mean that if there are a bunch of things to share and a bunch of free time (not happening) then I won't write something, but I do want to seize the time.
I spend much more time browsing than writing (evident by my irregular posting!), so that is where I need the declared break. This is because I enjoy your blogs, not because I want to absent myself from them! ;)

There is so much to do in the next two weeks before I leave for the states, and just a little more before our marriage, and using time well is something I struggle with constantly. Enjoying blogs isn't wrong, but maybe sometimes some people can do things that I cannot, if I want to be trained better in diligence and faithfulness for the future.
Especially now, and probably increasingly as I get older, I want to look back with no regrets of wasting days.

I'd really like to keep a blog after Joel and I are married, as long as I can use computer time really well. We've talked about the benefits of that; all the ways that I've been encouraged by other blogs, especially of those a step ahead of me in life.

So, maybe it's a blog reading break, but don't expect me around too much.
Maybe I'll post a lot through the summer
Maybe the next thing you'll see is wedding pictures (!!!)
Maybe the next thing will be a new Kady blog address. (!!!!!!!!)

You ladies are just too inspiring. So much so that I need to hide for a couple weeks ;)

with love,

p.s. we looked at an apartment yesterday!! :)

Thursday, 1 July 2010

he's twelve

Joel and I promised Nate and Candace awhile ago that we'd take them each out with us sometime, because they (Candace) would be sad when we weren't home in the evenings. It was Nate's turn this week, and like Candace, he only had one word - burger! (Candace's was 'Starbucks!') All he wanted was a giant burger somewhere. We found an empty table in a World-Cup-crazed Dubai Mall diner, and Nate happily ate and tried to catch glimpses of Germany winning. He is a bottomless pit right now (and would tell you that he has one dinner stomach, one spaghetti stomach, and two dessert stomachs), a growing boy. I love my little brother and I've always looked forward to being the watchful big sister when he's tall and handsome (it's getting close!).
I still remember his chubby toddler cheeks and the sour faces he made when he tried yogurt for the first time.

Joel had heard about the 'best milkshakes in Dubai' and we got those after exclaiming with glee over the new Hershey's store in the mall. It was very sweet, because Joel knows my constant irrational cravings for milkshakes. These were so good.

Nate was so wound up, and I look forward to many more times of making him feel extra special (preferably with quality time daily until our wedding). My dad and I are the only ones left of our family now; all have departed for music camp or Grandma's house in Washington. I follow on July 19th, and he in August - it's the yearly Dubai exodus. Time is so precious and short. I'm happy that it's short because oh my GOODNESS in eighty-four days we'll be married, but at the same time I want to freeze the months and invest in people and plan details. Enjoy those siblings while you're in the same house.

much love,

p.s. thank you for all of your lovely, sweet comments. :)