Monday, 7 June 2010

some things I've been working on

But mostly wedding favors, with a sweet bunch of girls helping us.

Aaaaand, my dress is in the works! We knew I would be getting it made, since it's impossible to find a modest one in a style I like. I'd decided on a tailor in Satwa, and almost refused to meet with another seamstress because 'I already knew I wanted that guy to do it.' I am so thankful we met with her! Three hours later and we'd decided to go fabric hunting the next day. A week later, and fabric is bought and we've given her the initial payment, and a mock-up is being made! She is a fun, young, Indian designer who studied fashion in London, and herself got married a year ago. We both love vintage styles and classic gowns, and she is wonderful to work with, confident and honest. And most importantly (and amazingly) she'll work with my budget.
Because I know you'll be curious, here are some clues (which Joel knows about, but more than this you won't be hearing because he reads this blog!).

. it's white :)
. it has sleeves (shock horror!)
. it is exactly what I had in mind (you should have seen her sketch out my ideas in her fancy designer freehand)
. it is very classic, with my own twist.

But just as much as wedding details, we've been thinking and talking about our family and our home. I am so excited to see how and where God leads Joel, now and throughout our lives. He is purposeful in all things and is thinking hard and learning about our direction, and filled with God's Spirit. I'm so thankful to be marrying a man like him - especially because it's him!



LeAnna said...

Awww, now we'll be left to wait until the wedding to see your beautiful gown! ;) Might just have to e-mail me a picture of it. Hee. I'm so glad all is going smoothly, you sound so excited and happy and I think it's just wonderful! Praise the LORD for all His blessings!!

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy for you, Cait! It's fun to read your excitement. Wish I could see that sketch, but fully understand that you want it to be a surprise for Joel. Fun and exciting times you're having there!

Tracy said...

Anonymous was me! OOps!

Elena said...

I love the pictures (Especially the Tea one).
It's just wonderful how excited you are; I'm sure you're glowing :)
Can't wait to see the final photo of the dress!

Carolina said...

Love the pictures! especially the last one! How exciting about your wedding!:)

Hilton said...

All very exciting....

Sara said...

I am so excited for you! I really, really am! My cousin is getting married on the 22nd of this month and, I am looking forward to her wedding :D

I love things you make!

sanjeet said...

I love the pictures
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مى said...

Omg I'm so happy for you!!!! :-) god bless you. x