Thursday, 19 August 2010

these are some goings-on

Local lavender has been dried for shower-favor sachets. It smelled beautiful through the window.

My fantastic cousin Hannah. I wish you could all meet her, really.

Said amazing cousin suggested that we color our grandparents' counter with sharpies since they were getting it torn out (it's now a gorgeous granite). They agreed and the little cousins enthusiastically obliged!


We just returned from a full, too-busy time in Michigan. It was lovely to see old friends again, and I was so blessed by them. It was simply a little too hectic. I will write more about the lovely parts soon :)

How is your August so far? It feels like it's flying by in some ways and dragging on in others!

love, Cait


Sara said...

omg the counter! I love how it how the transformation is so colorful! Almost 10 days to go and August is gone!

LeAnna said...

Love that last picture, and the one of the lavender drying!