Thursday, 12 August 2010

a traditional stack

finally - this big stack of state-side invitations addressed, filled, stamped, sealed, and ready to mail. And I even have a couple blisters to show for the sealing :) It was a fun job and I was amazed at how fast everything went, especially writing all the addresses and return addresses out. I love the seal; we used it on top of the wrapped baker's twine for the invitations to be handed out, and on the back of the mailed envelopes. It was a natural black resin I found on ebay, and we used a beautiful tree seal that belonged to my great-grandmother. The resin didn't have a wick running through it, so I had to use a flame lighter to melt and drip it.

I would have more pictures of finishing them up but Kyleigh took them while I was singing along to an opera song, so they aren't too attractive ;)



Brette of the Wood said...

how fun, Cait! :) You are going to be a beautiful, lovely and gentle bride. I cannot wait to see pictures eventually. I always wish I would have met you sooner so that I could have known you better. Best wishes,

Krystal Rose said...

I admire how much intention you put into your destiny, Cait. You are so beautiful, and I know your marriage will set the example of true partnership under God.


Krystal Rose said...

here's my real blog:


erin meagan said...

i love invitations! you have a beautiful life. :)