Saturday, 7 August 2010


Last week I went on the longest hike I've ever been on, with Joel's adorable sister, sweet mom, and younger brother and brother's girlfriend Heather. It was near Mount Rainier, and we encountered a lot of wet and slippery snow-covered paths! We saw plenteous birds, gophers (up close! I wanted to cuddle them), elk, deer, and even a mother bear with her cubs, from a distance!

It was fantastic, and I couldn't believe how close to the mountain we were, but made me miss Joel really bad.



the whyte's said...

it's official. everyone went to washington this summer, but me.


LeAnna said...

I've the weather has been gorgeous there (from some of my favorite WA bloggers) - so sorry you're missing your man. {hugs}

Elena said...

It must be hard to be there without Joel, not for long!
Oh, I've only seen pictures from when a sweet friend went there recently; it looks beautiful!

Love you, sister!

Heart2Heart said...

Did you say snow? I didn't realize that there was still snow anywhere these days except way up on the highest peaks of mountains.

Here is hoping that Joel will be home soon!

Love and Hugs ~ Kat