Saturday, 7 August 2010

twenty-four and forty-nine

It has been a very bittersweet trip, these last two weeks. It was bittersweet, already, because I was going to be away from Joel for over a week. But now that week is turning into six. Stand-by flights failed us and we are across the world from each other for over a month, longer than it will be from when I get back until our wedding day (that is the good part).
That was very, very hard to realize, having not bargained for that long away. It's helped me know how blessed we are to live in the same city, unlike some courting or betrothed couples. God has very wise purposes we don't know in this, and it is a unique reminder that Christ is my true bridegroom, and that seeking Him first is important even when Joel and I are together. Joel reminds me that if we knew all that God knew right now, we would choose the same things. Painful to think about but true!

Those numbers up there are how many days until I'm home again, and the number of days until September 25th :)

And after a weekend of attempts, all this was found out on my birthday. That was so sad! We still had a very sweet evening at dinner with Joel's family, who are so kind and lovely to me. But it was difficult to think that I was supposed to be meeting all his relatives with him, and then when all my family came on Wednesday, he was supposed to be getting to know them all for the first time. Also, I've never gotten to see him on my birthday! What is neat is that when all of this does happen someday, it will be as husband and wife, for real.



Heart2Heart said...


This time apart even though its so painful and difficult will hardly be a memory at all once you married and start building a life together. Praying God gives you the strength to endure this time alone.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

LocaChica said...

I'll be praying for you! Remember that you can do anything in Christ's strength!
That photo at the end is soo neat!
Blessings and prayers,

Sara said...

I love how positively you are taking it..

You are such an inspiring person :)

sammi-lise ^_^ said...


It's been way too long!

And in response to your post, I have to agree with Sara...she basically said what I was going to say :)

With love,


Maddie M. said...

Cait, I miss you so much! I haven't heard from you in forever!! How have you been?

LeAnna said...

Hang in there girl! Absence truly does make the heart grow fonder. In the best way possible. It's good, and something you will discover throughout married years, a little pining is good for the soul. :)

Sorry I haven't emailed you back yet, it's been crazy 'round here, but I've thought about you often. Lots of blessings, sister friend!