Monday, 12 October 2009

Being a new driver is fun - and how many of my teen friends get to have an international license? We are blessed to be here.

I love saying 'Is where I parked ok?' or 'I drove two of the girls out to Jebel Ali.' Or walking around the immense Dubai Mall to meet Danielle, knowing that I got there by 'all by myself.' Ha, I'm such a dork.

But I'm treasuring the extra moments in the car for prayer. (And singing super loud, but you know.) Time alone that's very different from frequent commutes as a passenger. It doesn't replace study but is a refreshingly interspersed pleasure.

Time is racing, as always, and the craft market (several?) is hanging overhead. Here are some herb ladies in the (very early) works.

So, what about you - Do you enjoy driving? What are your current projects?



Annaka said...

I love driving in the country. Especially alone.

I'm too busy with college to have projects right now.

Elena said...

I don't have that pleasure yet; and I am really dreading the driving test--something to do with driving a police officer around. But I am really looking forward to being able to run errands and just be an extra driver.

Right now I am working on knitting a hat for my sisters neighbor (My first paying customer for knitting!). I have had to adjust a pattern from a baby hat to one that will fit an adult, so I hope it turns out right!

Brette of the Wood said...

i only like driving when there is no traffic..then it is okay. i do the same thing, sing REALLY loud and pray. But i must admit, you are far braver than I, to take on the roads of Dubai!
I love driving in the country tho, or the mountains! But I must admit, I prefer being in the passenger seat if one of my closest friend's is driving. :)

Autumn said...

I hate driving. I still don't have enough hours for my license (I am at work with my Dad today trying to get the rest of my hours in.)
It is hard, because Jon isn't 21, so I can't drive with him.
Driving just really stresses me out.

I have been baking, sewing, and crocheting. I am selling washclothes to a shop in town, and it has kept me busy.

LeAnna said...

I remember my Mom was just for SURE I wasn't going to get my license until I was 17. She was holding her ground...that is, until I started going to vo-tech at 7 in the morning, and SHE had to drive me. That changed her mind fairly quick, and I was out getting my license within a few weeks. My favorite part about driving is music and singing. The two go hand in hand. While driving eventually loses it's "fun" factor, singing never does.

Projects? I'm actually working on a project! I'm dehydrating some oranges and lemons for some potpourri. :)

Sara said...

On the rare occasions when it's not crowded, I do enjoy driving!

مى said...

I like driving! Although traffic in egypt isn't very encouraging :D

You live in Dubai? Awesome!