Wednesday, 7 October 2009

October Goals

1. Make headbands for fair
2. Finish new set of herb girl paintings for fair
3. Progress on all quilts
4. Practice music on a weekly schedule
5. Have time every week with my brother
6. Memorize Isaiah 58:10-12
7. Start a certain Christmas gift
8. Make other gifts
9. Try making Tartelette chocolate tarts or pear cakes, or something from my French cookbook.
10. Have some special time with one of my well group girls
11. Get at least halfway through one of the books I'm reading (really low goal alert).
12. Organize and host Mother-Daughter tea party for the well group.
13. Finish 'note-stitches' for fair. (I did this after writing the list but before posting!)

[These are more practical goals for October, but there are more personal ones too, and which calling 'goals' might trivialize a bit.]

And in keeping with the theme, I finally made a planner. Does that mean I'm somehow professional now? ;)


Sara said...

such lovely goals! I am catching up on my reading BIG TIME!

Jennifer said...

Great post!! Thank you so much for your letter in the mail and the little was so sweet of you!! It made my day!! Can you send me your address when you get a chance at Thanks a bunch for my letter it was so fun getting a letter from so far off!! How sweet!!
Love in Christ

erin meagan said...

that planner is awesome! i like it a lot.

LeAnna said...

Sounds like fun goals to me, and thoseare typically the ones best finished! This coming from a person who starts crafts and never finishes them, though. Hmm...

I was folding my husbands many pairs of work jeans the other day, realizing that he had some 30 odd pair and a good dozen of them are trashed. My Mom and I are going to make a jean scrap quilt. Hopefully we'll finish it! :)

Thank you for your sweet comments. They always brighten my day. :)

Shokoofeh said...

Great goals!
Have a wonderful October!


Paulina said...

I just ran into your blog because you left a comment behind on Shookofeh's blog. I was intrigued because I thought your comment was beautiful, and I now see that your blog too is beautiful. I am now happily following. Hope you don't mind!

Anonymous said...

Good luck on your goals for October! I have plenty of goals, but unfortunately I haven't written them down yet. And it's almost the middle of October:(. Which means I am behind again. (Which is the story of my life, actually. lol)

WOW! It's still not below 90?? That'! I'm really sorry! Lately it's been really cool here - 70s, 60s. We've actually almost broken the record low in our city (for the beginning of October). I LOVE the cold! I've been pulling out all my coats, jackets, scarves, and lovely winter things - I'm so excited!:)

We DID have loads of fun at Apple Hill - and I made sure to eat a doughnut for you:) And it was REALLY yummy. So yummy that when I accidentally dropped it on the ground, I just dusted it off really well, picked off the pieces of gravel, and ate it anyways. lol. I even took a picture of it for you - I was going to do a blog post on our trip, but got too busy.

Actually, tomorrow we're supposed to go up again - this time I'm going with my best friend's family. So hopefully I'll be able to blog about it THIS time:).

Thanks for giving me the email address - I emailed you, hopefully you got it.

Oh - and on a last note, your headbands look amazing! I loved the picture of your velvet ribbons and silk fabric - it made me want to go buy some:(. Keep up the good work!:)


Elena said...

Hello Cait!
I've just found your blog from the Vaughns.

The headbands and painting are so cute. Do you sell them on Etsy or just online?

How did you make your planner?

I really can't wait to meet you in person now.
You are one of the few people I know who enjoyed Persuasion and tights :) And I thought we were exdinct.

Rebekah said...

Hello Cait! I just found your blog through a comment of yours on LeAnna's blog. We have much in common! I too am a young lady striving to learn God's will and do it, and to follow the biblical model of a Godly young lady. I love your headbands -- so beautiful! I love being crafty as well, my main hobby is making jewelry out of beads. Your goals sound good, I really ought to make a list like that, just haven't quite gotten around to it... Anyway, it was nice coming over to your blog and reading through some of your posts. Have a blessed day, Cait! :)