Monday, 8 February 2010

pardon the messy desk, ladies

Anna Sofia and Elizabeth Botkin have just written another fantastic article on Visionary Daughters. This one is about daughters in difficult situations and how truth still can apply to them - and challenging reminders to daughters in more 'ideal' circumstances as well. A similar subject I'd recommend is their answer to the common 'but what if?' question about the decisions of young ladies. (And of course, the article on Twilight. Read, by all means - some controversial wisdom!)

A controversial statement of my own - I've seen a lot of people joining into GalaDarling's "self love month challenge," and find it disconcerting. Perhaps it embraces flaws, but it denies our brokenness. We are certainly not goddesses and are made to be dependent, on our Creator and in a community, and this project will do no healing, nor bring truth, however much it temporarily builds self esteem. I know some of you love Gala, and I'm not pointing at you (or condemning her) but everything she stands for is the opposite of what I live for, and it's all over the 'blogosphere' right now - which I couldn't really ignore. Please do take that thought with understanding.


p.s. See that pretty/bizarre hand mannequin? I've wanted one of those for ages, and saw them at Borders a year ago but never bought one. Finally they had them again when I walked by last week, and I thought it was worth it after more than a year. Maybe someday I'll find a real antique one too ;)


LeAnna said...

I do not know who gala darling is, but I too have seen SO much "self love" campaigning across blog land. It IS disconcerting. I read one woman's blog who claimed we are born into perfection, and because of" life challenges" we become "spoiled" and THEN we need a savior. I just couldn't believe it. There are so many hindering doctrines floating around - everyone needs to be aware.
Love the hand mannequin, very multi purpose if I do say so!

Sara said...

Cait, on that Gala challenge...I think I am taking it as a way of accepting my flaws..I don't know how other people would do it or regard it..

If you can turn things you find into things that suit you and how you live..

Just my thoughts..

what do you think?

erin meagan said...

I feel like the Self-Love thing is about loving ourselves, despite 'imperfections'. Everyone needs a self esteem boost.

I disagree with the bringing truth thing. Some people take it differently, and I think that is great. I always find truths within myself, and I think it is beautiful.

You said that everything she stands for is the opposite of what you live for. Could you elaborate? I'd love to hear your views. :)

Miss E. said...

You are sweetheart, my dear. Your love for God is refreshing. Stay old-fashioned, we need that mentality in this world today. I found you from one of my friends blogs and I've just started browsing. You are delightful Miss Cait :)
Evie B.

amelia said...

I'm curious about what you mean when you say galadarling stands for the opposite of what you live for?