Sunday, 21 February 2010


I looked at old sketches and drawings today, wishing my good pens weren't clogged (that's no excuse not to draw though.). One was a collaboration with my friend Krystal (who is probably now living in a trailer under a waterfall and photographing street hippies), which I still really love because somehow pictures of anatomic hearts are intriguing. The last drawing used copious amounts of the special spidery-tipped ink pens.

Ink lately has been more used for writing letters, or journaling, or studying.
I like it better that way, even if it's unartistic.
(The pens dried up because of lack of use, after all.)

I never want creativity to dry up, but life happens (and life is more important).
I like it.
It just has to be woven together better.
And I'll draw today, I promise.

love, cait


Brette said...

hello cait!
thanks for looking at my photos...I really enjoy it here. We don't live by schedules, and hardly know what will happen every day. We basically live in a village on the side of a mountain during the week, then come "home" for 2 or 3 nights before going out again...some days we help the father in the rice fields...other days we kill chickens or teach english to the children (most every day). Ive gotten quite inspired here, not that I have done too much.. I remember your ink drawing when I saw it in person what seemed forever ago. :) I hope you are well! I really wanted to bake on valentines day, but we don't have an oven so I will have to make up for it when I go back to Texas. :) I'm itching to have a tea party, and try out some new recipes.
Love you much!
Have you made anything crafty lately?

LeAnna said...

I absolutely love that top drawing, a series of those would be so cute in a little girls room. Life has a funny way of happening, eh? But it is short (that is, life) and so we must enjoy whatever whirlwind it brings. I've learned a lot about life just happening this past week. You'll be hearing more about it in the coming weeks. :)
Enjoy your day to day happenings, draw a little, but love a lot.
P.S- I agree nothing beats the scenery of Washington state! :swoon:

Annaka said...

I love your drawings. = )

Sara said...

Please draw more! You could even sell them....I heart!

Krystal Rose said...

The Lord truly HAS blessed you in infinite love every day, and I cannot express how happy I am for your engagement! I won't allow myself to imagine being in your shoes, because I get so giggly and my heart starts racing and ...and...!!!

I have met the young man I know I'm meant to marry, but it seems God has put it in our paths to wait until each of our lives our stable enough to join together. Its a very....trying..process, but if we stay in prayer we are instantly elevated to the level of Spirit and we know that these years will be only Love and Joy. No pain.

I think of you often as I move closer to God's Light.

We have so much catching up to do- Maybe I'll commit as much to blogging as you do- it seems like it could only help. :)

I had to laugh at your trailer/hippie comment. I never believe that lifestyle truly represented me, but I was definitely more of a lost soul than I realized, looking back. I was just yesterday looking at pictures of us together, and I was so stunned at how...pale and unhealthy I used to be. I wish I were nearer you, I think we'd be better friends than ever now.

I give prayers of thanks that you have been so swiftly delivered your dreams.

Me. :)