Friday, 6 November 2009


I arrived home to a lovely parcel and letters from Katie. She knows me so well :)
The flight to Texas was uneventful and traveling with our family friends was a joy. I was thoroughly amused by the children, especially when Faith told a stewardess that she was from Italy (I couldn't stop laughing, even to tell her to stop giving Faith chocolate). Having time before the flight home, I'll have you know that I walked through two terminals to find a Starbucks and get a peppermint mocha. We don't get the holiday drinks in Dubai! Thanks to lovely Mrs. Marques I had a pumpkin spice latte a few days earlier, on a long afternoon outing to the cafe :)

The week was so full in every way. In fact it was very laid back, but it was full of people and talking and new friendships. There were also surprises, and I got to spend some precious time with a dear friend I hadn't met it person yet. That was such an unexpected blessing (Like all of this)! At church some very old friends were also there and it was the most extreme kind of crazy happening that is only providence.
I was encouraged to see that there is no 'formula' for what young ladies at home do or should do, but there are still things I learned from them. Simply being with other girls was the most meaningful thing, having never had that total sense of complete fellowship.

What stood out to me at church was that very little did stand out. It was exceptional, rare, family integrated, but though I hadn't had the chance to see it before it felt so right that it wasn't unusual. The differences were not so radical, not so strange or difficult to see; it was simply Scriptural. Why does a literal understanding seem so hard to accept or apply? Even we are blinded.
I'm so thankful for this trip. Its encouragement, new fast friends, new challenges for myself.

It's lovely to be home though, and tomorrow is the fair!

with love,


Who's that Gamine? said...

One of my absolute favorite things are the pumpkin spice lattes that hang around in the fall at Starbucks. I got so many of them this past season that they know me now by name :)

Hope you're enjoying your parcel and have a beautiful day!

Much Love,


Brette of the Wood said...

i cant wait to hear/see about the fair, cait. :)
im glad you got to go on the texas trip, and i might add that pumpkin spice is my favorite starbucks product ever. I find it encouraging how you got to experience true community at the event you went to. I think you said it so well....that it was so 'scriptural' that it was just right, and not unusual at all. Not that I was there, but I have had similar experiences recently and it is so encouraging.
love and miss you

LeAnna said...

I'm so glad you had a wonderful time and went away feeling encouraged, even in the simplicity of it all. Amazing how when we get back to the Word, everything seems so clear. ;) I recently bought some peppermint mocha coffee creamer, and while it's no Starbucks, it sure is tasty! :)

LeAnna said...

Funny you should ask that. :) The church I grew up in was very "traditional" in the sense that children went to children church and parents sat in the sanctuary. They were very non-supportive of homeschooling, AND their "youth group" was so worldly I refused to go. My parents have learned so much just in the time since I've gotten married. They've since left that church after having been there for 15 years. Their main issue was how worldly (and I realize that is a very general term, but it's the only one that suits it!) the entire church had become, and how much they'd gotten away from the Word. They've attended several others, but haven't found one yet. My husband and I stayed at the church I grew up in a year after, but we just couldn't stay any longer. We've been through a few home based Bible study groups, but currently God has us in our own home. We listen to a Biblically sound teacher on the internet (or radio) and are just praying for direction. It's a tough place for a girl who grew up in church 24/7 - but God has taught me so much about the importance of knowing who and what I believe, and how the body of Christ is not a building. All of that to say, I like the idea of family integrated church. I may not agree with 100% of every aspect (I haven't researched it that much to know 100%) but I do know that children need to be taught by their parents, and families need to understand that the bulk of teaching and growing first must happen in the home. I understand there is a need for a "shepherd" of any flock, but we have to first follow THE shepherd. The fellowship with those that are like minded is what I miss the most. Sometimes it's really hard. But, we're in a place for a certain time for a certain reason. God is still good. :) (Sorry this is so long!)