Tuesday, 10 November 2009

glasses and their houses

These pictures have been inspiring me so much lately. Not that I have a kitchen to decorate or anything, but I love open shelving. I know the second one is from a store, but still! Can you get any more prettily cluttered? I'm no pack-rat but I love artful clutter. The last one is more simplistic and streamlined but still cute.

Here are some of the last things made in November. Another headband and my first try at a necklace, again prompted by some etsy or anthropologie examples.

Is anything influencing your creativity or plans lately?
For me, it's also this.



Jennifer said...

Your headbands are just too cute:)

Shokoofeh said...

Oh Cate, your headbands are really pretty! :)

Dear I just think it would be awesome if you photograph them on a solid color(white preferably) surface, so they can shine more beautifully! Anyway it was just a thought!


LeAnna said...

I'm with you on the open shelving, I think it's beautiful. However, I cringe at the thought of dusting such a shelf. Ha! Maybe if my house weren't so dusty, it wouldn't hurt so bad. ;) Unfortunately I live on a hill where the wind blows 24/7 and dust is ever abounding.

I'm trying to decide if I could pull of wearing one of those adorable headbands. They're so cute!

Sara said...

the china...uhhh I want!!

Elena said...

I love the photos! I too love artful clutter and shelves; can't wait until both of us can use it in our own kitchens :)

Also, I've been making headbands like crazy lately; you didn't tell me how addicting it can be. I've used a completely cotten fabric to make the rosettes and I actually liked how they turned out. Nothing at all like the silk ones; they have a much fuller look and more like the green headband that Jasmine and Ahlaischa were wearing (I don't know if you remember but it was two full, green roses). Anyway thank you so much for showing me; it's been so much fun making them.

One of my favorite inspirations is Habb 3:16-ff.

Mandi said...

open shelving=love. Except when therer's constant construction and drywall dust floating around. Like at my house. heh