Thursday, 12 November 2009


Here are the things I finished from October's list. My excuse at the small number is traveling, but of course more than these actually got done ;)

1. Make headbands for fair
2. Finish new set of herb girl paintings for fair
6. Memorize Isaiah 58:10-12
9. Try making Tartelette chocolate tarts or pear cakes, or something from my French cookbook.
10. Have some special time with one of my well group girls
13. Finish 'note-stitches' for fair.

And November's goals.

1. Paint ideas that have been floating.
2. Prepare majority of Christmas gifts.
3. Bake and cook for Thanksgiving
4. Plan Christmas tea
5. Send Christmas packages
6. Read the pile of articles in my room
7. Paint my hallway turquoise.
8. Work on quilts
9. Make autumn fabric bunting
10. Practice pipes. a lot.
11. Design, make and give out tea invitations
12. Get hair trimmed (in desperate need)
13. Have individual time with one of the well group girls

What are some of your priorities?


Sara said...

go back to the gym? yes yes!

Who's that Gamine? said...

I love your post- I was thinking of making a new 'to do list' today...but the mundane list I have makes me not want to do anything. Maybe if I write it on pretty paper, with stickers and a pink pen??

Hope you accomplish all your goals soon- so you can have a spa day :)


LeAnna said...

Chocolate tart, oh yes. I actually have a raw/vegan chocolate tart recipe I'm wanting to try, just haven't gotten around to it. Priorities include preparing for the plethora of Holiday gatherings coming up very, very soon. My sisters birthday, a housewarming party, and an early Thanksgiving dinner have me hopping, and unfortunately this week has been a horrible week for getting things done!

Tracy said...

Cait!!! Congratulations!

مى said...

Some of my priorities would be to travel somewhere only if it was a couple of hours away :(

And go to the spa! And get pampered. And be happy (:

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