Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Off at 3 A.M.

My dad and I fly out tonight, arriving in Osaka and taking a train to Tokyo, where we will walk around and stay up all night before going to the Tsukiji fish market when it opens at 5 a.m. A funny way to do things but we will be night owls due to the time difference, and will hopefully get lots of rest on the plane (we're standing by on business, which makes sleeping much easier - thank goodness for staff travel benefits!).
This morning I drove alone for the first time! Even in the US I hadn't gone out by myself yet. It was just a quick run to the post office, to send some pretty mail. If you sent me your address, something is on its way!
These cupcakes were for a gathering of girls at our house after church last Friday. I had so much fun decorating each differently - much better than one cake.

This necklace is a late graduation gift from my dad's step-mom. I was so surprised when I opened it! It is a gold cross engraved with Rose T. Muldoon, which belonged to my great grandmother who came over from Ireland (Rose Theresa Muldoon Fox). She thought it should be in our family and sent it as a piece of family history; it is at least 100 years old. I cherish it and will give it to either my oldest daughter or my brother's oldest daughter someday (way in the future ;).

see you soon!!
with love,


Sara said...

Lovely present! I love it! Very delicate :)

I LOVE SUSHI!! especially salmon anything. Salmon sashimi, maki, sushi...anything! hehe

Jennifer said...

Yumm those cupcakes look soo good!!! Plus there very pretty!

Jessica Cangiano said...

Such a deeply lovely and meaningful family heirloom, sweet heart, thank you for sharing this special gift with us.

Wishing you and your father a truly marvelous time in Japan!!!

♥ Jessica

LeAnna said...

Those cupcakes look SO good. Makin' me drool here! Have a great trip.

DrasticVanity said...

sushi, mmmmmmm.....
and those cupcakes look delish.
Hope you have the most amazing time in Tokyo!

she loves the radio said...

that's a very beautiful necklace <3 , and those cakes look so goood!
how was japan ? :D x

Tizzalicious said...

Have a great trip!

The necklace is gorgeous, and how sweet that it belonged to your great grandmother!