Saturday, 26 September 2009


Another batch of pretty letters went out recently!

I've added the rosette tutorial link to my last post for anyone who wants to try :)
Leanna is hosting a beautiful fall giveaway that you should be sure to enter!

Erin has tagged me for another sharing of 7 things about myself.

- We saw a big wooden box by the compound dumpster a few weeks ago and Daddy put it in the trunk for me so I spent the afternoon scrubbing and scraping it. It's beautiful cedar and smells delicious. I love rough wood like that and it looks great in my room (but doesn't have a permanent place yet). I have no qualms about reusing things and am quite proud of my new-old chest!
- This week my favourite verse has been Isaiah 58:10-12.

- I knew next to nothing about hand quilting when I set out on this endeavor to make a nice new coverlet. So now that the quilting itself is all that's left to do, I'm finally researching it. And thinking about winging it without much of a pattern.
- I'm not actually really a good painter...I just like to paint.
- Speaking of paint, hopefully within a few weeks my hallway will be a lovely dusty turqoise!
- This morning I had my membership interview at church. So excited to finally be old enough to be officially a part of this beloved body that has helped me grow.
- One of my well group girls this week said I looked 'wisdomous.' Ha!!

Happy Birthday to my amazing, guiding, protecting, loving, and imitable Dad! (He actually is 'wisdomous')

last year's card

with love,


LeAnna said...

I hope you post pictures of your hallway, and capture the color! I have been wanting to paint something turquoise and I just don't know what shade. :) Thanks for entering the giveaway, internationals will be just fine. My blog isn't on private anymore, so we shouldn't have any problems with that, aaaannnd, wassail. I LOVE wassail. My Mom has made some variation of it every Winter since time began, and it brings back sooo many memories. Sometimes she makes it in a crockpot so it can simmer all day long, and the house always smells so wonderful. Something about the orange just really makes it special. You'll have to share a favorite recipe if you have one. :)

OceanDreams said...

I love how you took a picture of your verse sweetie, that is wonderful! :) Happy birthday to your dad, I hope he had an amazing day! :)

Sara said...

happy birthday to your dad!
I love how you are so in touch with spirituality, I really do admire you for that!

Anonymous said...

happy birthday to ur dad!

Joanna Samson said...

Cait! I love your blog :) Do you know how to quilt? I wasn't sure if hand quilting was any different from using a machine.I really want to learn. I struggle with commitment in these things...get easily distracted :) But I would love, love, love to learn if you know how to do it. Have you considered holding your own crafts classes at home and charging a small fee?you could get girls and women(and men?)who want to learn such things. It would be so fun!Hope u are having a lovely day!