Thursday, 24 September 2009

drone insight

It's not very often mentioned on this craft blog, but I play the bagpipes and it's a huge interest of mine, even though not as big a part of life as it used to be. It's an incredibly fun instrument.
People usually don't see anything of the inside and I thought it would be fun to share a new little improvement on my pipes. Drones (the three long things that rest across the shoulder - one bass, two tenor) create the background humming sound for the bagpipe and if they are in tune nicely, it creates a really nice tone. Good quality reeds, steady blowing, and a good ear add to this.
Up until now, for all my 6 years on the pipes, I've used the same basic drone reeds. This summer I invested in some beautiful Crozier Omega reeds, and have just now begun switching over. The hum is marvelous and these reeds are way too modern and nifty. Look at the difference! I love how old school my former E.z.drone reeds are, but these are much more efficient. They are engineered specifically to tune perfectly and adjust more effectively.

Drones are tuned by lengthening or shortening them on the slides, but the reeds themselves can also be adjusted - moving up or down, moving the position of the tongue to the reed body, and in this case tightening and moving the keys - very technical comparatively.

When I deal with my chanter reed's faulty pitch (next up) I'll try to record a tune so you can hear =)
I've happily secured a table at the November art fair, and today made candles with some of my well group girls. It's been a hectic week and I'm thankful the weekend is here!


LeAnna said...

How neat! Definitely post a tune, for us bagpipe challenged individuals. ;) (Hooray for the craft fair!)

erin meagan said...

darling, i tagged you in my new blog post! :)

Anonymous said...

it really is an amazing instrument. never heard of it until now... thanks for sharing!