Monday, 14 September 2009

A Happy Trend

There's an exciting thing happening in many places around the blogging world! Many of my favourite bloggers are pregnant - a very blessed state indeed. I look forward to seeing all of the beautiful new babies! (in real life too; quite a few women at our church are expecting at the same time, and a good friend of mine told me this Friday that she is as well! She and her husband are so happy =))

First of all,
Courtney of CJane Enjoy It. This is new news, so I have no picture, but CJane is older sister of NieNie, a wonderful and witty writer, and treasures her motherhood.

Ruby of Cakies I am super excited partly because her first two girls, Brave and True, are the cutest kids ever, and partly because she is a creative mommy and very inspiring to me, and partly because she's a great example and encouragement. Do check out her blog if you aren't familiar already.

Rachel Denbow of Red Velvet Art takes adorable belly photos and makes gorgeous towels, smocks, and quilts out of vintage sheets. Oh, and she started my clipboard obsession!

Emily (Life is Beautiful/Embers) is expecting any day and could very well have just had her newest baby! She's an incredible, down to earth mother and artist, and is wholeheartedly in love with her husband and little Ivy and Yindi.

Needless to say, I love babies, and of course these bloggers! These are priceless gifts and rewards - what a joyful time :)

with love,

P.S. Several of you have asked for my macaron recipe. This is the one I use, perfected by the amazing David Lebovitz. It only works (for me) on chocolate macarons, however, and replacing the cocoa powder with more powdered sugar or something else rarely works. I did manage to replace it with powdered sugar and instant coffee when making tiramisu macarons, but had a harder time getting the proper 'feet' to rise. I've yet to find a good recipe for other colored and flavored macarons. Enjoy! Show me your efforts!



wow! these are great.
our world would be such boring place without babies!!!

and dear, I've tagged you! so please check the blog and play along if you're interested!


LeAnna said...

Aww, what a sweet post. This makes me want another one. :)

Sara said...

I want a baby..