Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Journal Year

Now that the year for me finally seems like it is getting started (due to travel and uncertain schedules), I can see how full and busy it will be. Busy is a word I don't particularly like, though I love to be doing things. Down-time is so important to me though, and right now means time for treasured reading and quiet study, not so much entertainment.
For perspective, here is what my father wrote for my graduation announcement:

Although Cait’s homeschool education has been at a college preparatory level, she is not continuing with a traditional education in the modern sense. Cait’s vision is to live for God’s glory in ways that reflect His design for woman at creation, emulate the prevailing pattern of womanhood throughout the Bible, and apply the apostolic teaching in the New Testament. Confident in her identity as a woman, she seeks to embrace biblical womanhood’s orientation toward home, service in the church and community, and, in God’s providence, toward a husband and children.
We joyfully receive this gift of Cait remaining with us in Dubai, while she develops her home-management, musical, artistic and entrepreneurial skills, practically helps her parents and siblings, mentors younger girls in a Bible study, and assists her voice teacher one day a week in her Kindermusik business.

The last note about Kindermusik is one of the things which has altered and made things seem up in the air for so long. A new assistant was flown in from the US to take over lessons for my voice teacher, and she will also be doing all the Kindermusik classes while my old teacher, Sara, is pregnant :) This was slightly disappointing (though I'm delighted about the expected baby!) but it opens up other opportunities for serving in areas I wasn't able to before. As time fills up and as I make decisions and establish something of a pattern, it's a little frustrating but it reminds me how blessed I am. There is nothing of unpleasantness. Learning can be hard, but every day I am able to practice and progress in the things I am passionate about and need for life, to say nothing of contentment. Why more girls don't do life this way I'll never know (well, I do know, but it's sad!). God's way is so good, and His grace alone is what led us on this path!

My 'lovely package' finally arrived in Germany and I was overjoyed to hear how much Christine, my partner, loved it! It was such a blessing to me and well worth all the time and effort and love put into the package. I can't wait to receive mine and get a little glimpse into this sweet lady's life!

I've talked about journaling a lot, and know many of you do as well. This is my current journal (but at the rate it's going it won't be current much longer), and I bought it in Pike Place Market, Seattle. It is made of thick Nepalese rice paper, and was found at one of the oriental side shops, next to my favorite little Indian store. I covered the front with fabric, and used a tag and rotex tape to decorate it. Thy dross to consume comes from a favourite hymn, 'How Firm A Foundation.' It says, the flame shall not hurt you, I only design thy dross to consume and thy gold to refine. Sanctification. The story of our lives, and what I pray for, and what each year holds. So it's fitting for a journal cover!!
What does yours look like?

This afternoon I spent time with one of my favorite people. She's creative and crafty and loving. We went to a neat gallery in a traditional part of Bur Dubai, and an art cafe. It was such a pretty area, one with a quiet and quaint atmosphere rare here.



Sara said...

do you realize the amount of inspiration in this post?

erin meagan said...

you are amazing!

LeAnna said...

You make me smile, and if we were friends in "real life" we'd be good ones. I love that hymn, and I love your God centered view on what, where, and why you're doing what you're doing.