Thursday, 17 September 2009

honest 80's

Here's the fabric I'm using for the new bedcover. It's a lovely deep plum, paired with a muted turqoise pattern. Now I just need to research the actual stitching method - it's all ready, 'organic cotton bonded' batting included.

This is such a sad, sad, beautiful song. I love the dancing and old-world musical quality about it. And Bjork performs exquisitely as always. I like the line,
'all walls are great if the roof doesn't fall.'

The talented Natalie has tagged me to write ten honest things about myself (Is honesty not expected in these?).

- I love candles and burn a lot of them in my room (and recycle the wax to make more). I consider unscented candles a waste of oxygen ;)
- Four of five best friends live in other countries.
- I love to be out but over time I'm becoming more and more of a homebody.
- My style is also getting quieter, though this is largely unintentional. I need to get more colorful clothes since it's still what I like.
- Cirque du Soleil has come to Dubai multiple times in our residence here and I've never been able to justify the money it would take to go. But I'd be so thrilled.
- I'm working on my first quilted blanket (as opposed to a quilt - though I'm working on one of those too).
- For Christmas I gave my little brother 'Time.' An hour each week set aside for him. Even though we're...months? behind, it's still priceless when we do it. He explains football to me, or tries to teach me how to play his computer games, or makes macarons with me. Basically whatever he wants to do. It makes him so happy and is always always worth it. It needs to be more regular.
- I've always liked coffee but we're increasingly developing into a coffee-every-morning family. Maybe that's not good.
- A goal for this year is to experiment with many of the diverse cafes and restaurants in Dubai. It's tragic that there's such a variety and yet I meet friends at Starbucks every time. (Maybe it's the Seattleite in me)
- I didn't buy a stapler for ages because I was waiting to find a pink one that wasn't mini-sized. But I kept stealing my dad's so he bought me one. It isn't pink, but after some searching, my new phone is.

Last night Jamaila (the dear friend that doesn't live in another country) celebrated her 19th birthday with an 80's night. One guy decided to creatively interpret this dressed as an actual 80-year old man. I'd never met him so I thought it might be a real elderly person coming to the party. Here he is doing some dancing and rockin' out with one of the other best dressed guests.

with love,


Sara said...

OH happy birthday Jamila! I love the idea of giving "time"! I really do :)

Brette of the Wood said...

cait, i love you. about the candles...the other night i was home alone and it was storming and midnight, and all the power in my house went out so it was PITCH black...i had to light about u8i78978790 of them and actually enjoyed it... oh, and i think about 7 of them were pumpkin scented! (my fav...) oh...and p.s.... can you facebook message me your dubai address sometime? i meant to send you something LONG time ago while you were in washington but now its too late so i dont mind sending to Dubai, and havent forgotten. and i forget if i told you already but your note was lovely ! and i attached your handmade flower to my wall, where i collect things friends have given me. and i recycled your paper of your note into a collage im working on. :) good luck with your quilt blanket!