Tuesday, 17 June 2008

'pink, and all of those other things you like.'

Cinderella - the ultimate fairy tale in my opinion. But then, that opinion changes quite often concerning fairytales. When they are all so delightful you can't have a favourite!
The Wizard of Oz is pure amazingness, as you can tell by Dahlia's middle name. When I was little none of my friends were allowed to see it, but I didn't have nightmares so I could!

I've always loved Alice in Wonderland, but I'm growing very impatient for Tim Burton's live action film of it - more than a year to wait!

This afternoon will consist mostly of this. Yay!


anna said...

Personally I've always liked Beauty and the Beast and The Little Mermaid the best. I never really liked Wizard of Oz... probably because my little sister watched it so many times.

Milkberry said...

Oooo fairy tales! I love Alice in Wonderland, too! Not so much of a Cinderella fan, though because I always thought that it's a bit weird that Prince Charming didn't have the nerve to go and fit the shoe himself. If he really loves her, go find her yourself. Don't send your peon to do your work! *Grrr* Anyways I like Sleeping Beauty and Beauty & The Beast best!

Ooo I LOVE LOVE LOVE Tim Burton! I wonder how Alice in Wonderland will look like in 3d... must be very trippy :P