Thursday, 19 June 2008

Yellow Skies

Some new art.

My first attempt at canvas painting...somewhat can't see the textures too well but that's the best part.

I'm excited now, having found an alternative to hair dye - I'm now using black henna and natural dyes, which costs me roughly 5 dhs. a month instead of 25 or higher for normal salon boxed dyes. The downside is, though natural it can be rough on the skin.

We leave tomorrow for the states for a little over three weeks. I may update a little bit but there won't be much of relevance. Have a lovely month everyone =)


Milkberry said...

Have fun in the states Cait! Ooo black henna is kinda dangerous right? Coz I think there's more chemicals than henna. But if you want to make your hair black I think you can add indigo to natural henna or something else I forgot. Careful with "black henna" okay?

Btw nice paintings!

Cait said...

Well, I've used black henna for years (for actually doing henna, not for hair), so there shouldn't be any danger! I've researched every brand I've used. Thanks so much for the care though!
Glad you like the paintings =)

Tizzalicious said...

I love the painting!

Have a great trip!

Milkberry said...

Hello Cait~ Oh okay so they're safe huh? Nice to know that! Hehehe~

willynillywaterlily said...

What a sunny, happy painting! I love it!

Have a safe and wonderful trip, too!

auroura said...

i hear that henna dye is much better than normal dye cause it doesnt screw your hair up so bad