Sunday, 19 December 2010

I want to share some real little peeks into our flat soon, but these pictures were taken by my sister Kyleigh on my family's first dinner with us. I love our house so much :) we are very thankful to have such a comfortable place! (Though I was telling my friend Hannah last night, if we ever live in another apartment again I want to be as close to the ground floor as possible, even though we'd forgo the pretty city lights at night. That's a story for another day!) By the way, that beautiful crocheted afghan was a wedding gift from Kyleigh that we found when we returned from St. Petersburg. Everyone would have been amazed if she'd unveiled it at the shower, but she quietly put it on our couch. We use it every day!

Six days until Christmas, and I hope to find the last of Joel's gifts before grocery shopping today, apart from perhaps some homemade ones :) For two days this week we will stay with my siblings in my old house (it always feels strange to say 'my family's house' and not 'our house') while my mom flies with dad. I'm looking forward to the special time with my siblings, and maybe we will make ice cream (another soon-post!).

Do you have any advent traditions?



Tracy said...

Is this your mom in the kitchen with you? And did you paint your apartment, or were those colors there already?

What a fun time to spend a few days with your siblings. I'm sure it will bless all of you!

Elena said...

I was wondering if you had made that afgan! I can just see Kyleigh making that sweet gesture; it's a great addition to your home.

Sara said...

Your house is beautiful! I can't wait to read about your first Christmas at home!

Anonymous said...

Ah... I am so happy for you all and so love the view into your lives. The kitchen turned out so lovely... love your decorating! Promise to write soon!