Tuesday, 4 January 2011

we got married 'last year'

The day before Christmas Eve, Joel and I went to the Dubai Mall (one of my favorites - here there are so many malls that you have to have a favorite) to our favorite restaurant (Vapiano). Many of our gifts were stuck in America with a friend because of the backed up flights through England, and Joel wanted to do some Christmas shopping. I hid in the enormous bookstore while he ran his errands. We jumped at the sight of a beautiful old perfume boutique called Penhaligon, an English company from the 1870s. Since becoming interested in the scent industry and knowing more about it, it was fun to look at the beautiful old style bottles and smell half their products.
On Christmas Eve our newlywed friends came over for lunch after church. Chris and Nicky were a blessing at our wedding and we were able to do the music at theirs in November. Since becoming engaged in the same week, we've made better and better friends.
Joel and I had a quiet Christmas Eve dinner by ourselves.

The morning was slow and relaxed and lovely, an absolutely perfect first Christmas together. And lo and behold, there was my favorite Penhaligon scent from two days before! The night before I'd put together a chocolate-laden breakfast cake, a tradition in my mom's family; and let it rise and bake in the morning.
In the afternoon we drove over to my family's house, bearing gifts and prepared for fondu. My parents thoroughly spoiled us with a coffee machine and grinder (I cracked our French press and it's not very practical for company).
My youngest sister, Candace, got to pick out a hamster, and when we arrived we heard the tale of buying Duffy, who was discovered on the ride home to only have three legs! They decided to keep him after realizing how hilarious his habits were, and he is completely healthy. Candace is enamored, of course.
Happy New Year to all :)
Joel and I have been so blessed in the past year, as you can see in the previous post. It's an exciting (though always unexpected) prospect to see what else will have grown and changed by next Christmas. You can probably guess one of our wishes, but we're treasuring every day at a time :)

In the next week we have a little surprise for you!



Tracy said...

Your first Christmas sounds very lovely! You two look incredibly happy in each of your photos, Cait. I'm so glad!

Elena said...

Wonderful post! The perfume bit sounds so interesting; I hope that I can visit some day and see everything that you write about in your posts. I love seeing all of the homey touches that you have put so far, and I love the pictures you post of you and Joel--very sweet :)
Can't wait to see what next week holds!

Tizzalicious said...

Happy New Year to you too, sweet lady! :)

Brette of the Wood said...

I loved your post, Cait! It's fun to look at all your photos as a Mrs. :)

amelia said...

Happy New Year! As always, I love reading your posts. You and your husband look so very happy.

You may have heard of it already, but if you're interested in perfumes and scents, I love the company "CB I Hate Perfume" (http://cbihateperfume.com/). He makes the most beautiful and evocative perfumes I've ever experienced. His perfumes can be pricey - I buy decants from theperfumedcourt.com so I can experience several different ones without spending loads of money. Penhaligon decants are on there too! I have long been fascinated by the company, but haven't purchased any of their scents yet.
Which one ended up under your tree?

(Sorry if I sounded too much like an ad or something...I always get excited when I find out other people are interested in perfume :)

Kelsey said...

I love that you guys are so hospitable. Most of the newlyweds I know are preoccupied with their new life and barely have time for family, much-less inviting friends for dinner. I hope I can follow your example someday when I get married, and focus on others as you seem to do so well.
You are both adorable. :)
Praying God blesses you this year!
Kelsey :o)

LeAnna said...

You two are SO stinkin' cute. I hope this year brings more stinkin' cute people like you, in tiny itty bitty form.


Did I just type that? ;)

I agree with what Kelsey said, you guys are very hospitable for you newlywed days, and I think it's awesome. It's so wonderful to have friends that support you and can grow along with you.

Your Christmas tree and decor was so pretty, I love it.

So happy to see you guys doing well. I'm ending this ridiculously long comment now. :)

Jenni Austria Germany said...

i love vapiano! and i'm not sure how long i'll be in germany.....too many decisions to make. should i renew my contract, should i move to berlin, should i move back to austria, should i go back to america.....it's too tempting to stay and travel, you know? :)

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